C07 (13-02)

    Item No.Sub No.Item
    1.02Revision Of C0602-2013 Specification for Agricultural Liming Materials WK42593
    2.02Revision Of C0706-2002(2008)E1 Specification for Limestone for Animal Feed Use WK43563
    3.02Revision Of C0737-2008 Specification for Limestone for Dusting of Coal Mines WK43564
    4.02Revision With Title Change to C1097-2007(2012) Specification for Hydrated Lime for Use in Asphalt Cement or Bituminous Pavements WK43566
    5.02Revision Of C1489-2001(2008)E1 Specification for Lime Putty for Structural Purposes WK43565
    6.Administrative Item Proposed title change for Committee C07 Lime to C07 Lime and Limestone