B02 (12-02)

    Item No.Sub No.Item
    1.Administrative Item Revision of B02 Bylaws
    2.05Reapproval of B0413-1997A(2008) Specification for Refined Silver WK38850
    3.05Reapproval of B0477-1997(2008) Specification for Gold-Silver-Nickel Electrical Contact Alloy WK38839
    4.05Reapproval of B0540-1997(2008)E1 Specification for Palladium Electrical Contact Alloy WK38840
    5.05Reapproval of B0561-1994(2005) Specification for Refined Platinum WK38847
    6.05Reapproval of B0562-1995(2005) Specification for Refined Gold WK38848
    7.05Reapproval of B0589-1994(2005) Specification for Refined Palladium WK38849
    8.05Reapproval of B0684-1997(2008) Specification for Platinum-Iridium Electrical Contact Materials WK38841
    9.05Reapproval of B0772-1997(2008) Guide for Specifying the Chemical Compositions for Electrical Contact Materials (Arcing and Nonarcing) WK38843