A05 (14-02)

    Item No.Sub No.Item
    1.07Reapproval of A0428/A0428M-2010 Test Method for Weight [Mass] of Coating on Aluminum-Coated Iron or Steel Articles WK46193
    2.11Revision Of A0755/A0755M-2011 Specification for Steel Sheet, Metallic Coated by the Hot-Dip Process and Prepainted by the Coil-Coating Process for Exterior Exposed Building Products WK45931
    3.11Revision Of A1003/A1003M-2013B Specification for Steel Sheet, Carbon, Metallic- and Nonmetallic-Coated for Cold-Formed Framing Members WK45037
    4.12Reapproval of A0363-2003(2009)E1 Specification for Zinc-Coated (Galvanized) Steel Overhead Ground Wire Strand WK45863
    5.12Reapproval of A0475-2003(2009)E1 Specification for Zinc-Coated Steel Wire Strand WK45864
    6.12Reapproval of A0586-2004A(2009)E1 Specification for Zinc-Coated Parallel and Helical Steel Wire Structural Strand WK45865
    7.12Reapproval of A0603-1998(2009)E1 Specification for Zinc-Coated Steel Structural Wire Rope WK45866
    8.12Reapproval of A0640-1997(2009)E1 Specification for Zinc-Coated Steel Strand for Messenger Support of Figure 8 Cable WK45867
    9.12Reapproval of A0810-2001(2009)E1 Specification for Zinc-Coated (Galvanized) Steel Pipe Winding Mesh WK45870
    10.12Reapproval of A0855/A0855M-2003(2009) Specification for Zinc-5 % Aluminum-Mischmetal Alloy-Coated Steel Wire Strand WK45868
    11.12Reapproval of A0925-2003(2009)E1 Specification for Zinc-5 % Aluminum-Mischmetal Alloy-Coated Steel Overhead Ground Wire Strand WK45869
    12.13Reapproval of A0143/A0143M-2007 Practice for Safeguarding Against Embrittlement of Hot-Dip Galvanized Structural Steel Products and Procedure for Detecting Embrittlement WK46369
    13.17Reapproval of A0926-2003(2008) Test Method for Comparing the Abrasion Resistance of Coating Materials for Corrugated Metal Pipe WK46363
    14.18Revision Of A0902-2013B Terminology Relating to Metallic Coated Steel Products WK44142