A04 (13-02)

    Item No.Sub No.Item
    1.Administrative Item Bylaws ballot
    2.01Reapproval of A0126-2004(2009) Specification for Gray Iron Castings for Valves, Flanges, and Pipe Fittings WK42942
    3.02Reapproval of A0047/A0047M-1999(2009) Specification for Ferritic Malleable Iron Castings WK43204
    4.02Reapproval of A0220/A0220M-1999(2009) Specification for Pearlitic Malleable Iron WK43205
    5.02Reapproval of A0338-1984(2009) Specification for Malleable Iron Flanges, Pipe Fittings, and Valve Parts for Railroad, Marine, and Other Heavy Duty Service at Temperatures Up to 650F (345C) WK43206
    6.02Reapproval of A0395/A0395M-1999(2009) Specification for Ferritic Ductile Iron Pressure-Retaining Castings for Use at Elevated Temperatures WK43207
    7.02Reapproval of A0476/A0476M-2000(2009) Specification for Ductile Iron Castings for Paper Mill Dryer Rolls WK43208
    8.02Reapproval of A0602-1994(2009) Specification for Automotive Malleable Iron Castings WK43209
    9.02Reapproval of A0874/A0874M-1998(2009) Specification for Ferritic Ductile Iron Castings Suitable for Low-Temperature Service WK43210