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September/October 2011
Editor's Note

Maryann Gorman,  Standardization News' Editor in ChiefComing Soon to a Browser Near You

This fall, ASTM International will launch a redesign of this magazine’s online presence, with a new look and more frequently updated content. But this is more than just a cosmetic change. In a few weeks, when you go to and click on the ASTM Standardization News link, you’ll find new resources for staying up to date on all of ASTM’s offerings in your interest area.

Currently, Standardization News content is posted on the Web once every two months, reflecting the schedule and organization of the print version, which is (and will continue to be) mailed to ASTM members and subscribers bimonthly. While a print publication is better divided into news, column and feature sections, our new online format will organize magazine content by industry area. This will give you the ability to quickly locate only the news about ASTM International standards development that you want to find. This news will be more frequently updated and more easily searchable than ever before.

The homepage of the new SN online will provide links to 10 industry sector gateways, from “Building Construction” to “Environment and Sustainability” to “Quality Assurance.” Each gateway will comprise SN articles concerning any of the ASTM technical committees developing standards in that sector.

But there will be more than just SN content in these areas. Each industry sector gateway will also contain related ASTM listings of new and proposed standards, upcoming meeting dates, training course dates, recently published peer-reviewed papers and other publications, and proficiency testing programs. In addition to the industry gateways, the SN homepage will also link to other regular sections of the magazine, including our helpful how-to columns such as DataPoints and EnRoute.

Our goal with this reorganization is twofold. First, we want to provide members with quick access to the ASTM news and information that is important to them as standards developers. The second goal involves providing non-member visitors with an at-a-glance overview of all ASTM International has to offer, from standards to training to peer-reviewed publications, in the wide range of industry sectors that develop and use ASTM standards.

We believe that grouping news and resources by sector will help provide an easily accessed, broad view of activities among kindred committees and even encourage synergy among these specialized groups. So please stay tuned to the ASTM website this fall and look for your chance to take advantage of all the benefits of the new online ASTM Standardization News.

Maryann Gorman
Editor in Chief