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September/October 2011

Industrial Woven Wire Filter Cloth

A new ASTM International standard covers a special grade of industrial woven wire cloth called filter cloth for general filtration, including the separation of solids from fluids.

E2814, Guide for Industrial Woven Wire Filter Cloth, was developed by Subcommittee E29.01 on Sieves, Sieving Methods and Screening Media, part of ASTM International Committee E29 on Particle and Spray Characterization.

“Filter cloth can be made of any primary metal or metal alloy wire that is suitable for weaving,” says Ken Beyer, Unique Wire Weaving Co., and an E29.01 member. “There was no existing standard for filter cloth, which is a widely used material in industrial filtration.”

The guide introduces terms and definitions, lists common technical considerations for the user, and presents a mathematical model that can be used to predict the micron retention or separation particle size of any filter cloth specification that a user and producer wish to develop.


Technical Information: Ken Beyer, Unique Wire Weaving Co., Hillside, N.J.

Phone: 908-688-4600

ASTM Staff: Christine Sierk

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