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September/October 2010

Medical Equipment

A proposed new standard being developed by ASTM International Committee F30 on Emergency Medical Services will be useful to medical equipment manufacturers, certification agencies and care providers, with patients being the ultimate beneficiaries.

The proposed standard, WK27973, Specification for Environmental Performance of Medical Equipment for Use on Fixed and Rotary-Wing Aircraft, is being developed by Subcommittee F30.01 on EMS Equipment.

WK27973 addresses two primary areas: the effect of medical equipment on aircraft and the effect of the aviation environment on medical equipment. Khalid Barazanji, chief, airworthiness certification and evaluation branch, U.S. Army Aeromedical Research Laboratory and F30 member, says, “When approved, WK27973 will allow manufacturers to design safe medical equipment for the aeromedical environment; certification agencies will be able to recognize and/or adopt the standard and encourage its use.”

“WK27973 will allow state of the art medical equipment to be used safely in the aeromedical environment without negative effect on the aircraft, crew or patient,” says Pete Chambers, vice president and chief operating officer, Marketing Assessment Inc., and member of F30.

The subcommittee welcomes participation in the development of WK27973.


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