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September/October 2009

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Green initiative launched

Shown, following the signing of the IGCC agreement, from left to right: Richard Weiland, CEO, ICC; Christine McEntee, CEO, AIA; Adolf Zubia, president, ICC board; and James Thomas, president, ASTM International.

International Code Council Launches
Green Initiative

ASTM International and the American Institute of Architects Are Cooperating
Sponsors of IGCC

The International Green Construction Code is a new initiative launched by the International Code Council that will reduce energy usage and the carbon footprint of commercial buildings. ASTM International and the American Institute of Architects are cooperating sponsors of the initiative, which is titled “IGCC: Safe and Sustainable by the Book.”

“We believe the time has come for us to develop a code that will stand as a useful and credible regulatory framework for creating a greener commercial building stock,” said Richard Weiland, CEO, ICC, at the IGCC launch event held on the rooftop of ICC headquarters in Washington, D.C., on June 29. “We applaud and plan to utilize the good work of those who have developed systems, guidelines and standards to address green buildings.”

James Thomas, president, ASTM

James Thomas, president, ASTM, speaks at the IGCC launch event at ICC headquarters in Washington, D.C.

“ASTM International welcomes the opportunity to work hand in hand with the ICC, AIA and other stakeholders in the development of a new international code to improve the efficiency and sustainability attributes of buildings,” said James Thomas, president, ASTM, in his remarks at the launch. “Over 450 ASTM building and construction-related standards are referenced by existing international codes, and our members continue to develop innovative standards that will play an important role in meeting the objectives of this new green code initiative.”

Also speaking at the event were Adolf Zubia, ICC board president, and Christine McEntee, CEO, AIA. In attendance were leaders from the building and sustainability communities, including representatives from the U.S. Green Building Council, the Green Building Initiative, federal officials, legislative representatives and other public interest groups.

The purpose of the IGCC is to develop the first model green construction code that will address new and existing commercial buildings in order to increase building performance. Implementation of the IGCC is expected to lead to:

  • Increased efficiency in the use of energy, water, materials and resources;
  • Improved indoor environmental quality;
  • Education for building owners and facility managers; and
  • Reduction in overall carbon emissions.

The initial meeting of the ICC’s Sustainable Building Technology Committee to begin development of the first IGCC draft was held July 28-30 in Chicago, Ill. The first draft of the IGCC is expected to be available for public comment in March 2010.

ASTM and OCCASTM International hosted Annie Bakambamba Bululu, chief of the Department of Importation Controls from the Office of Control (Office Congolais de Contrôle) of the Democratic Republic of the Congo on June 18. The visit allowed for discussion and information exchange as well as opened lines of communication between ASTM and OCC. ASTM and the OCC signed a memorandum of understanding in May 2007. Shown from left to right: James Olshefsky, ASTM; Loic Ntumba, interpreter; Annie Bakambamba Bululu, OCC; Teresa Cendrowska, ASTM; Jessica Hychalk, ASTM.

WISE visits ASTMParticipants in this year’s Washington Internships for Students of Engineering visited ASTM International on June 22 to learn more about the organization and its technical committee activities. Highlighting the day was a virtual presentation by Roger Stoller, Ph.D., Oak Ridge National Laboratory and vice chairman of the ASTM board, about ASTM standards for the nuclear industry.

Symposium sponsored by D18 in IrelandProgram co-chair Mark Dyer kicks off the Fourth International Symposium on Contaminated Sediments: Sustainable Management and Remediation. The event was sponsored by ASTM International Committee D18 on Soil and Rock and Trinity College Dublin and was held in Dublin, Ireland. Remediation of dredged materials in the world’s harbors and shipping lanes was the focus of the symposium. At least 20 countries were represented by presenters and attendees.






ASTM Welcomes Standards Experts

Representatives from China, Ghana, Israel and Jamaica to Visit ASTM Headquarters

Experts from national standards bodies in China, Ghana, Israel and Jamaica will visit ASTM International headquarters from Oct. 5 to 30. During their visit, the experts will learn about ASTM International and its standards development process, attend committee meetings, visit both federal government agencies and U.S.-based standards development organizations in Washington, D.C., and share information about their work and their home organizations.

Pan Biechen has served as an officer in the division of materials of the industrial standards department, Standards Administration of the People’s Republic of China (SAC) since 2007. In this role, he works with China national standards for buildings and construction.

Before accepting his position at SAC, Pan was a teacher in the school of economics and management at South China Normal University, and he also spent time as an administrator in the production department at the Chochuen Garment Co. Ltd., Shenzen, China.

Adelaide Teimle Leigh is the assistant standards officer at the Ghana Standards Board. A graduate of Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology, Kumasi, Ghana, where she earned a bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering, Leigh has been with the Ghana Standards Board since 2006.

As assistant standards officer, Leigh performs tests and prepares reports on products for the building and construction industry such as carbon steel, plates, pipes and roofing sheets. She also conducts factory inspections and participates in technical committee meetings.

Naphtali Pollak has worked in standards development at the Standards Institution of Israel since 1996. As senior project manager, he prepares first drafts of Israeli national standards and directs various SII standardization committees, including those on food, medical equipment and geosynthetic products. A former food engineer and an expert on food labeling, he has also taught a course on food inspections for the Israel Ministry of Health.

A graduate of the Technion – Israel Institute of Technology in Haifa, Israel, where he earned a B.Sc. in food engineering and biotechnology, Pollak also holds an M.S. and a Ph.D. in food engineering from the University of Massachusetts.

Ajani Blake is a standards development and certification officer at the Bureau of Standards Jamaica. Blake, who holds a bachelor’s degree in biotechnology from the University of the West Indies at Mona, Jamaica, has worked at BSJ since 2006.

In his current position, Blake handles conformity assessment audits and works on Jamaican national standards for cement. He also oversees committees on information and communications technology and food-related issues, and he serves as the member body administrator for the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) in Jamaica.

The Standards Experts Exchange Program is part of ASTM’s Memorandum of Understanding program; for more information on the MOU program, click here.

Chinese Organization and ASTM Committee to Co-Sponsor Workshop

October Workshop on Coatings for Nuclear Power Plants to Be Held in Shanghai

On Oct. 22-23, ASTM International Committee D33 on Protective Coating and Lining Work for Power Generation Facilities, and the Shanghai Nuclear Energy Research and Design Institute, will co-sponsor a two-day workshop focused on coatings for nuclear power plants that will feature presentations and discussions related to the standards of Committee D33.

The objectives of the workshop are to facilitate technical information exchange among the participating nations and to enhance the network of global technical experts participating in Committee D33. This international industry forum will feature speakers from the People’s Republic of China, the Republic of Korea and the United States.

Presentations will highlight practical knowledge and experience gained in real application of D33 standards. Topics will include the use of ASTM D33 standards in the design and construction of the AP1000 nuclear power plant in China and in South Korean nuclear power plants, manufacture of coatings for nuclear power plants, field and shop inspection of vessel and tank coatings, and the application of D33 standards in U.S. regulations.

This workshop will be held at SNERDI’s Shanghai offices. For more information, please contact Teresa Cendrowska, vice president, Global Cooperation (phone: 610-832-9718) or Liu Fei, ASTM’s chief representative in China.

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