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September/October 2009

Above Ground Skateparks

Skatepark owners and operators, as well as equipment designers and manufacturers, will be the users of a new ASTM International standard recently approved by its Committee F08 on Sports Equipment and Facilities.

F2334, Guide for Above Ground Public Use Skatepark Facilities, was developed by Subcommittee F08.66 on Sports Facilities.

Randy Watermiller, director of product development, Landscape Structures Inc., and an F08 member, says, “F2334 provides a standard for the basic safety and performance requirements relating to above ground skatepark equipment within a public skatepark facility.” Elements intended to be used in the performance of skateboarding, in-line skating and bicycle motocross (BMX) at above ground skateparks are covered by F2334.


Technical Information: Randy Watermiller, Landscape Structures Inc., Delano, Minn.

Phone: 763-972-5322

ASTM Staff: Christine Sierk

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