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September/October 2008

Gas Distribution Systems

A proposed new ASTM International standard, WK19571, Practice for Requirements for New Pipe and Fitting Materials for Gas Distribution Systems, will give the natural gas industry an important tool and defined process in continuing R&D efforts that will lead to the streamlined introduction of innovative products for the gas distribution industry. WK19571 is being developed by Subcommittee F17.60 on Gas, part of ASTM International Committee F17 on Plastic Piping Systems, and is being championed by several key stakeholders including gas utility companies, regulatory staff, members of the manufacturing community, and R&D organizations such as NYSEARCH, Northeast Gas Association.

According to Hitesh Patadia, general manager, TEJ Group Inc. and an F17 member, a comprehensive process is not currently in place to provide end users (gas utility companies) and the regulatory community (state and federal level) the degree of confidence that would ensure that all the necessary technical due diligence has been taken into account for various new piping systems. The proposed new standard will provide this confidence.

“One key tenet of this proposed effort will be to ensure that effective minimum material specifications, performance-based requirements for the intended application and in-plant quality control requirements have been resolved and memorialized in independent standards for each new respective piping material and system,” says Patadia. “Implementing an effective process that is mandatory and developing a comprehensive standard around each piping material/system that is to be used for gas distribution applications will help to streamline the overall acceptance of these innovative solutions and continue to ensure the overall safety and reliability of the gas distribution network.”

Patadia says that the proposed new standard will be used by research organizations, gas utility companies, regulatory agencies and the manufacturing community and will provide a better understanding of the overall process, time/resource commitments and necessary requirements that must be established when developing new products for gas distribution systems.


Technical Information: Hitesh Patadia, TEJ Group Inc., Crystal Lake, Ill.

Phone: 547-873-3139

ASTM Staff: Robert Morgan

Phone: 610-832-9732