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September/October 2008

Nonmetallic Flat Gasket Evaluation

ASTM International Committee F03 on Gaskets has approved a new standard that can be used to evaluate gasket materials covered by ASTM standard F104, Classification System for Nonmetallic Gasket Materials. The new standard, F2716, Practice for Comparison of Nonmetallic Flat Gaskets in High Pressure Saturated Steam, is under the jurisdiction of Subcommittee F03.10 on Composite Gaskets.

Practice F2716 provides a means of comparing nonmetallic flat gasket materials in saturated steam service under controlled conditions. Upon modification, the standard can also be applied to various form-in-place gasket materials. Gasket manufacturers will be able to use F2716 as a quality control test, as a means of testing competitor’s material and for R&D purposes.

Nancy Burkhart, quality assurance manager, Thermoseal Inc. and chair of F03; says that the committee welcomes participation from all interested parties, particularly end users of gaskets. “The committee would really like to achieve increased membership of end users so that their voice is heard,” says Burkhart.


Technical Information: Nancy Burkhart, Thermoseal Inc., Sidney, Ohio

Phone: 937-498-2222, ext. 240

ASTM Staff: Joseph Hugo

Phone: 610-832-9740