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September/October 2008

Oxygen Gas Transmission Rate

testing gas transmissionTesting the oxygen permeation of packaging material is important for the suppliers of various barrier materials, as well as users of these materials in the food, pharmaceutical and other consumer product companies, universities, research organizations and other industries. This kind of testing is covered in a new ASTM International standard approved by Committee F02 on Flexible Barrier Packaging: F2622, Test Method for Oxygen Gas Transmission Rate Through Plastic Film and Sheeting Using Various Sensors. Subcommittee F02.10 on Permeation developed the new standard.

According to Nick Winters, a consultant in the area of package testing and package testing laboratory management, and the chair of Subcommittee F02.40 on Package Integrity, F2622 covers a variety of methods for testing oxygen permeation. Winters feels that the standard will encourage healthy competition among the manufacturers of oxygen permeation equipment, which will lead to improvement in each different testing method.

Winters encourages anyone involved in oxygen permeation testing for packaging materials to join Subcommittee F02.10 and Committee F02 in general. “More participation is always welcome, especially from those who think revisions or expansion of the standard are appropriate,” says Winters. “We currently have instrument suppliers, food companies, pharmaceutical companies, universities and government agencies represented.” Winters notes that the subcommittee would also like to have as many end users as possible participate in future revisions to F2622 or any of its other standards.


Technical Information: Nick Winters, Kraft Foods, Avalon, N.J.

Phone: 914-393-8343

ASTM Staff: Kevin Shanahan

Phone: 610-832-9737