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September/October 2008

sensory experimentSensory Experiment Scales

ASTM International Committee E18 on Sensory Evaluation of Materials and Products is working on a proposed new standard that will provide sensory professionals with guidelines for developing, selecting and using scales in the context of sensory experiments and consumer research. WK19660, Guide for Developing and Using Appropriate Scales, is being developed by Subcommittee E18.04 on Fundamentals of Sensory.

Scales are a fundamental method by which descriptive properties and affective reactions to products are quantified. Producers of many consumer products, including food and beverages, perfumes, and personal care items make use of scales in determining quality assurance and product development issues.

“The ultimate goal in developing WK19660 is to provide some very practical guidelines on scale selection and development to all professionals interested in sensory and consumer research,” says Andre Hueniken, manager of support, Compusense Inc. and chair of Task Group E18.04.08 on Scaling. “These professionals range from researchers, technicians and technologists who create and run the tests, to product developers and various levels of management who make practical business decisions based on the results and analysis.”

Membership on Committee E18 covers a broad representation of sensory evaluation professionals, and interested parties are welcome to join its standards developing activities.


Technical Information: Andre Hueniken, Compusense Inc., Guelph, Ontario, Canada

Phone: 519-836-9993

ASTM Staff: W. Scott Orthey

Phone: 610-832-9730