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 September 2007
Tech News

Vehicle-Pavement Systems Committee Develops Standard for Inductive Loop Detector Installation

Drawing on the best practices of the U.S. Federal Highway Administration and the states, ASTM Committee E17 on Vehicle-Pavement Systems has developed a new standard, E 2561, Practice for Installation of Inductive Loop Detectors. E 2561 is under the jurisdiction of Subcommittee E17.52 on Traffic Monitoring.

Inductive loop detectors are installed in sawed slots in roadway pavement for use as traffic monitoring devices or to actuate control devices, such as a traffic signal. “E 2561 presents uniform procedures that agencies and installers of inductive loops can follow,” says Lawrence Klein, leader of Task Group E17.52.97.1 on Test Methods, and principal, Klein and Associates. “Such methods will allow reliable and long-lasting inductive loop detectors to be placed in roadways, potentially reducing the cost to user agencies for repeated repairs.”

City, county and state traffic management agencies, as well as private loop installation companies and researchers affiliated with traffic management agencies and universities are all potential users of E 2561.

Klein notes that Subcommittee E17.52 is currently seeking representatives from vendors, the user community (city, county, state and federal) and academia. “Although every effort has been made to incorporate current practices in developing E 2561, we are continually seeking the latest information and lessons learned that could appear in future revisions of the standard,” says Klein. “Future plans of the committee include the gathering of information to prepare similar practices for installing other types of sensors, such as video image processors, and addressing issues concerning data quality.”


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Phone: 714/356-2275

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