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 September 2007
ASTM International News

Amanda Bordelon Receives Katharine and Bryant Mather Scholarship

ASTM International Committee C09 on Concrete and Concrete Aggregates has awarded the second annual Katharine and Bryant Mather Scholarship to Amanda Bordelon, a graduate research assistant and Ph.D. candidate at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.

Amanda Bordelon performing a four-point bending flexure test.

The Katharine and Bryant Mather Scholarship is presented each year to a full-time undergraduate student completing his or her second year of college or later, or a graduate student, who is pursuing a degree specializing in cement or concrete materials technology or concrete construction. The scholarship is named for two longtime ASTM International members and is administered by ASTM Committee C09.

Bordelon’s interest in engineering began early. “Back in high school, I was good at math and physics and took some classes in architecture at the local community college during summers,” Bordelon says. “I realized I liked the technical aspects behind building design rather than the artistic aspect, so I decided to go into civil engineering at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.”

During a trip to California, Bordelon was given a special tour showing the high strength concrete design used in the Benicia Martinez Bridge.

While an undergraduate at UIUC, Bordelon became involved in the American Society of Civil Engineers, which led her to participate in ASCE’s concrete canoe competition. “It was with the concrete canoe team that I began to really appreciate material design and specifically concrete,” Bordelon notes. By her senior year, Bordelon had become co-captain and co-mix design chair of the canoe team, in which she was able to use her organizational skills to improve the team’s efficiency with time and construction of the canoe, as well as to aid in fund raising. Bordelon has continued to serve as an advisor to the concrete canoe team as a UIUC graduate student.

During her sophomore year, Bordelon decided to specialize in transportation in order to work on improving the quality of roads. She also spent seven weeks in the summer between her sophomore and junior years studying in Darmstadt, Germany. “The last two weeks there, I had an unpaid internship at their university, working in the asphalt and aggregate laboratory making asphalt cylinders and performing sieve analyses from local quarry samples,” says Bordelon. “I gained a great appreciation for other cultures from my experience in Germany.”

Following her graduation in 2005, Bordelon decided to pursue her master’s degree at UIUC as well. “I wanted to emphasize my research in concrete and in transportation, so I sought out Professor Jeff Roesler, who specializes in these areas,” says Bordelon. She started her master’s studies as a teaching assistant for the Properties of Concrete course at UIUC, where she arranged preparations and trained students on mixing and testing aggregates and concrete.

Bordelon’s graduate research involved analyzing and testing fiber-reinforced concrete for pavement applications, using fracture mechanics to characterize crack propagation and width of concrete. Her research has been investigating concrete mixture design proportioning to improve ultra-thin whitetopping (concrete overlays bonded to an existing asphalt pavement). Bordelon obtained her master’s degree in August 2007.

With the aid of the Mather scholarship, Bordelon plans to pursue her Ph.D. at UIUC as well. “I have decided to stay at the university for my Ph.D. primarily because I enjoy working here and I really like learning about the chemical reactions and fracture performance that materials such as concrete undergo,” says Bordelon. “In addition, I have always really enjoyed teaching and helping other students to understand what they are doing.” Upon completing her Ph.D., Bordelon hopes to continue to learn new things and find new challenges and plans to look for an academic job in a materials field, and possibly in pavement design.

For more information on the Katharine and Bryant Mather Scholarship, click here. //

ASTM International Sponsors WISE Internship

ASTM International is one of seven organizations sponsoring the Washington Internships for Students of Engineering program in 2007. On July 11, eleven participants in the program visited ASTM International headquarters in West Conshohocken, Pa. While there, the interns were given an overview of ASTM International and learned about its operations, industry and government relations, and global cooperation efforts. In addition, the interns learned of the opportunities available in the student member program and about technical tools that members use to develop ASTM International standards (enlarge image).

On Aug. 2, Saurabh Anand (center), an ASTM-sponsored intern with the Washington Internships for Students of Engineering program, presented his paper on unmanned aircraft systems (see page 30) on Capitol Hill, which was the culmination of his nine weeks in the program. Maryann Gorman (left), editor in chief of SN, and Daniel Schultz, ASTM director of committee services, attended the presentation and joined Anand for this photo on the steps of the Library of Congress.

Mongolian Delegation Visits ASTM

On July 23 ASTM International hosted a delegation of 15 Mongolians from various public- and private-sector organizations to share information on private-sector consensus standards and their application in trade and regulation. Sponsored by the U.S. Trade and Development Agency and organized by Meridian International, the two-week orientation visit involved a combination of meetings, discussions and site visits in locations across the U.S. and showcased how standards and products are developed in various U.S.-based organizations.

(enlarge image)

The participants represented organizations as varied as the Mongolian Agency for Standardization and Metrology, the Ministry of Industry and Trade, State Inspection Agency, Ulaanbaatar City Standards Inspections Office, Mongolian Chamber of Commerce and Industry, and other government agencies and non-government associations.

Through interaction with various manufacturers and organizations the Mongolian delegates became familiar with the U.S. strategy for development, issuance and implementation of standards and regulations, the differences between the two, the role of the U.S. government and non-governmental standards organizations in this process, and technical and regulatory aspects of certification, testing and conformity assessment.

ASTM staff had the opportunity to present a general overview about ASTM International and its technical committees (specifically F15 on Consumer Products and E28 on Mechanical Testing), ASTM’s electronic tools, and the laboratory crosscheck and educational programs. The meeting offered a unique opportunity for representatives of ASTM and the Mongolian Agency for Standardization and Metrology, a signatory of a memorandum of understanding, to meet. The MoU has been mutually beneficial for both signatories, increasing the number of ASTM standards adopted by MASM and resulting in increased participation in various ASTM technical committees. Plans for future collaboration in selected sectors were also identified. Following the visit to ASTM, the delegates traveled to Tinius-Olsen testing machine company where they learned about the application of standards from Committee E28. //

ASTM Members Speak on Continuity of Care Record Standard in Singapore

Two members of ASTM International Committee E31 on Healthcare Informatics met with physicians, policy-makers and information technology staff at the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Singapore to discuss ASTM standard E 2369, Specification for Continuity of Care Record (CCR). David Kibbe, M.D., and Alan Zuckerman, M.D., presented a workshop on the standard for 50 people at the ministry and followed the presentation with a meeting with Ms. Tong Ming Shen, director of the Infocomm Division of the ministry, along with technologists and physician leaders from hospitals, clinics and in private practice in Singapore.

Kibbe says that the ministry has many of the same issues that face all health care delivery systems, including increasing costs associated with the management of chronic illness, an aging population and increasing uses of technology. The ministry is studying ways to improve the continuity of information flows from hospitals to outpatient care and between and among the various levels of care facilities owned or subsidized by the government. E 2369 has been identified as a potential means of automating some of the needed portability and interoperability in the projects that the Ministry of Health is now initiating. //

First ASTM Technical and Professional Training Course Given in Taiwan

ASTM International’s training partner in Taiwan, Guan-Cheng Environ-Technology Protection Co. Ltd., held the first ASTM Technical and Professional Training courses in Taiwan on July 2-4. Eighteen people attended the Phase I and Phase II Environmental Site Assessments class and 14 attended the Risk-Based Corrective Action class.

David Vieau, a member of Committee E50 on Environmental Assessment, Risk Management and Corrective Action, had traveled to Taiwan earlier to conduct a train-the-trainer class for several GCEP employees. Vieau has been teaching the courses since their initial development in the early 1990s. After completing the instructor training, ASTM and GCEP entered into an agreement authorizing GCEP to offer the ASTM environmental TPT courses in Taiwan. //

Attendees at the first ASTM Technical and Professional Training course held in Taiwan.

ASTM Welcomes Two New Staff Managers

Two new managers have joined ASTM International’s Technical Committee Operations division.

Jennifer Rodgers, an ASTM International employee since 1998, has been assigned the position of staff manager in the Standards Development department. Rodgers began her career at ASTM as a customer relations representative in the Publications and Marketing division. In 1999, Rodgers was promoted to the position of Internet assistant in the Web Site Development department within the Information Technology Development and Application division. In 2000, she was promoted to Webmaster and in 2002 she was promoted to business analyst.

Rodgers has a bachelor’s degree in psychology from The Pennsylvania State University, State College, Pa., and a master’s degree in computer information systems from the University of Phoenix.

Richard Lake has been assigned the position of staff manager in the Standards Development department. Lake has a bachelor’s degree in information technology from Slippery Rock University, Slippery Rock, Pa. While at Slippery Rock, Lake served as president of the men’s lacrosse team and as treasurer of Phi Sigma Pi National Honorary Fraternity. //