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Ozone-Related Rubber Standards Being Revised

Subcommittee D11.15 on Degradation Tests has recently begun working on a series of revisions to four standards relating to ozone. The standards being revised are D 518, Test Method for Rubber Deterioration — Surface Cracking; D 1149, Test Method for Rubber Deterioration — Surface Ozone Cracking in a Chamber; D 1171, Test Method for Rubber Deterioration — Surface Ozone Cracking Outdoors or Chamber (Triangular Specimens); and D 3395, Test Method for Rubber Deterioration — Dynamic Ozone Cracking in a Chamber. These standards address material testing and exposure to ozone, either in a chamber (indoor) or outdoors, as well as with static and dynamic test conditions. Subcommittee D 11.15 is under the jurisdiction of Committee D11 on Rubber.

Gary Bradnick, Kumho Tire Co., who co-chairs the task group on the revisions with Mike Warner, Ozone Research Equipment Co., notes that the standards are important because they allow for the relative, comparable, and empirical evaluation of the effects of ozone on cured rubber and rubber-like materials. It is hoped that the proposed revisions will make the standards more definitive in specifying the conditions and reporting of outdoor evaluations of ozone degradation. This will be done in part by eliminating information that is duplicated in the standards, causing them to be confusing.

After studying each of the four standards, the task group is now prepared to propose major revisions, which will define the standards as either indoor or outdoor. In the process of the revisions, it will be determined that one or more of the current standards will be withdrawn upon the final approval of the revisions. The task group invites participation from all parties interested in the revision of these standards.

For further technical information, contact Gary Bradnick, Kumho Tire Co., Akron, Ohio (phone: 330/670-2632) or Michael Warner, Ozone Research Equipment Co., Cape Coral, Fla. (phone: 239/772-2722). Committee D11 meets Dec. 5-9 during the December Committee Week in Washington, D.C. For membership or meeting details, contact Tim Brooke, ASTM International (phone: 610/832-9729). //

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