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Jack Dangermond, President of ESRI, Named World Standards Day 2003 Honorary Chair

The U.S. World Standards Day Planning Committee has announced that Jack Dangermond, founder and president of the Environmental Systems Research Institute (ESRI), will serve as honorary chairman during a special World Standards Day exhibition, reception and dinner on Tuesday, Sept. 30, at the U.S. Chamber of Commerce in Washington, D.C. Dangermond’s participation in the U.S. Celebration of World Standards Day symbolizes this year’s theme, “Building Global Security Through Standards,” and highlights ESRI’s recognition of and commitment to the development and interoperability of standards in the area of geographic information systems (GIS).

Since 1969, Dangermond has fostered ESRI’s growth from a small research group to an organization known internationally for innovation in the application of automated geographic information and mapping systems. Dangermond has more than 25 years of experience in developing GIS’ for multi-agency data management, and as president serves as an advisor to ESRI managers on major projects, including the Digital Chart of the World Project for the National Imagery and Mapping Agency (formerly the U.S. Defense Mapping Agency) and two studies for the U.S. Air Force.

DoC’s Assistive Technology Initiative Will Reach Out to Industry and Standards Developers

Thirteen years after the Americans With Disabilities Act was signed into law in the United States, the Department of Commerce has announced an eight-point plan to advance the assistive technology (AT) industry, and better meet the technological needs of the disabled. The DoC will work with standards developers to support the development of voluntary consensus standards in this area. Assistive technology includes include tools such as canes, walkers, prosthetics, and hearing aids, as well as more complex devices such as computer-controlled wheelchairs, voice recognition software, speech synthesizers, and sensory aids. In February 2003, the DoC report, “Technology Assessment of the U.S. Assistive Technology Industry,” issued recommendations for enhancing the U.S. AT industry at home and abroad. These recommendations included the education of AT manufacturers on foreign engineering, performance, safety, and environmental standards that can affect product acceptance and certification in overseas markets. Point 5 of the initiative states: “Working with standards developers and other organizations – such as the American National Standards Institute, government agencies, industry, and user groups – the Department through the Technology Administration’s National Institute of Standards and Technology will assist in the development of AT measurements and voluntary consensus standards by ensuring that the performance of AT devices can be accurately specified and measured, increasing its functionality and adaptability.”

Strange Matter

The Materials Research Society (MRS) has launched “Strange Matter” – a touring exhibition and accompanying Web site designed to illustrate the principles and concepts behind materials science to a target audience of 5th through 8th grade students. The Strange Matter exhibition features 5,000 square feet [460 square metres] of interactive elements where users enter the fascinating, practical, occasionally bizarre and often beautiful world of materials science through more than a dozen hands-on experiences. The accompanying Strange Matter Web site further illustrates the fascinating world of materials science through a series of highly interactive experiences, in which users subject various materials to simulated experiments similar to those employed by materials scientists – such as zooming down to the atomic level of an aluminum can, pitting different materials against each other in virtual stress tests, and exploring how cutting-edge materials can change the world. Contact Anita Miller at MRS (phone: 724/779-3004, ext. 551).

Out on the Net (gsa) has launched a new site format. gsa is a free on-line technical information resource for those working with all manner of geosynthetics. The site provides geosynthetics technical information, standards information, materials and installation specifications, news, directory, events and much more at no charge.

SSPC, the Society for Protective Coatings, has redesigned its Web site and offers “Enews,” a monthly newsletter that provides regulatory and industry news as well as updates on SSPC products and services.

Trade News

A Dictionary of Trade Terms has been made available by the World Trade Organization and Cambridge University Press to guide users in the vocabulary used in trade negotiations. Its nearly 2,000 entries cover in simple language traditional General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade (GATT) and WTO concepts and terms used in trade-related activities.

The Handbook on Anti-Dumping Investigations, prepared by specialists in the WTO Secretariat, covers the major areas arising in anti-dumping investigations as embodied in the relevant WTO provisions. It provides explanations to help you grasp the intricacies of anti-dumping proceedings. //

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