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Chinese-Language Standardization News Online

This month, ASTM International’s annual Chinese-language version of SN will be available online. Access it from the SN Contents page (click above right) or from the web site of the China Association for Standardization. The Chinese-language SN, Biao Zhun Hua Xin Wen, is published annually as a cooperative project between ASTM and the China Association for Standardization; 2002 marks its ninth edition. ASTM produces the publication in Chinese and CAS distributes the nearly 20,000 copies to its member bodies and individual members, as well as experts and technicians involved in standardization in China. This is the first edition to appear on the Internet as well as in print.

SBC Communications President Named World Standards Day 2002 Honorary Chair and Ron Brown Award Recipient

William M. Daley, president of SBC Communications, will serve as the honorary chairman and the recipient of the Ronald H. Brown Standards Leadership Award during a special exhibition, reception and dinner on Oct. 16 at the U.S. Chamber of Commerce Washington, D.C., headquarters. Daley’s participation in the U.S. celebration of World Standards Day symbolizes this year’s theme, “Standards Mean Business,” and recognizes SBC’s commitment to openness and due process in standards development for the telecommunications industry in the United States and worldwide. As president of SBC Communications, Daley is responsible for the strategic planning, regulatory matters, governmental initiatives, external affairs and international affairs corporate-wide. Daley served as secretary of commerce under President Clinton from January 1997 to June 2000. For more information on World Standards Day, click here.

Vulnerability and Security of U.S. Water Infrastructure Systems

Critical Water Infrastructure: A Beginning Dialogue—Networking U.S. Water Associations, Organizations, and Agencies, is a summary of initial recommendations from a meeting hosted by the Environmental and Water Resources Institute of the American Society of Civil Engineers and The Infrastructure Security Partnership (TISP) on Feb. 1. The meeting focused on ways to prevent terrorist attacks on water infrastructure and navigable waterways and to maintain service in the event of such an attack on water infrastructure systems. To provide consistent recommendations for the development of security systems to detect, delay and respond to terrorist threats, the participants proposed the formation of an EWRI Water Infrastructure Security Enhancements (WISE) Standards Committee. The WISE Committee will enhance and complement the cooperative roles of ASCE, ASTM, the American Water Works Association and the Water Environment Federation in developing standards, guidebooks and other manuals on water infrastructure security. For more information about the dialogue’s findings and other water infrastructure initiatives, visit the TISP Web site.

Get on ICE

ICE 2002, the International Coatings Expo, will be held Oct. 28-Nov. 1 in New Orleans, La. The event will feature 15 courses, 65 technical presentations, and nearly 260 exhibiting companies. Several half-day, one-day, and two-day courses will be offered in the Technology Conference Program. The Annual Meeting’s Technical Program features the presentations of dozens of papers in areas such as non-polluting coatings, manufacturing/processing, film formation, coatings formulation, additives, corrosion, and others. Click here for registration and other information.

e-Handbook of Statistical Methods

The National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) and International SEMATECH have finalized the new NIST/Sematech e-Handbook of Statistical Methods. NIST teamed up with International Sematech, a consortium of worldwide major semiconductor companies, to provide this Web-based guide for engineers, scientists, businesses, researchers and teachers who use statistical techniques in their work. The e-Handbook expands and updates Handbook 91, Experimental Statistics, originally published by NIST in 1963. Engineers and scientists worldwide have relied on the printed version for nearly four decades. The e-Handbook is now available online and will be available on CD soon.

It’s Official—There Is Now a Standard for Everything

Standards New Zealand is developing a standard for the treatment of hangovers. The document will seek to streamline recognition, categorization, and treatment techniques for hangovers. The SNZ magazine Standards reports that sales of the document are expected to be significant and that Standards Australia has already shown interest in adopting the standard. Part one of the proposed standard, says the magazine, “will outline the recognition and categorization techniques of the many and varied causes of the affliction, ranging from the chemical composition of products ingested, to studies chronicling time and rate of intake, relative emptiness of stomachs and levels of stamina. Part two would outline proven and potential cures.” //

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