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New Specification Lends a Hand to Installers in a Tight Spot

Installers of molded short-pattern plastic fittings for drains, waste, or vents often work in tight spots with limited maneuverability. These small spaces are typically in commercial and residential ABS and PVC drain, waste and vent systems; mobile homes, and camping trailers.

Fabricators of mobile homes or trailers, or anyone installing short-pattern fittings in tight spaces can benefit from ASTM F 2135, Standard Specification for Molded Drain, Waste, and Vent (DWV) Short-Pattern Plastic Fittings.

A task group of ASTM Committee F17 on Plastic Piping Systems fashioned the new specification specifically for small-fittings applications. “Existing short-patterned DWV fittings have been used for 35-plus years in Canada,” explains the task group chairman, Gordon Burnett, technical services specialist, Ipex Inc., Montreal. “Unfortunately the laying-length dimensions specified in ASTM D 3311 [Standard Specification for Drain, Waste, and Vent (DWV) Plastic Fittings Patterns] would not allow the use of these short-pattern fittings in any drain, waste and vent application where a smaller fitting would be advantageous.”

A cross-section of industry stakeholders developed new Specification F 2135. “Over the five year span that it took to get this standard approved,” Burnett says, “numerous manufacturers, users, material suppliers and general-interest members of ASTM (and several who were not members) took part in the development of this standard.”

For further technical information, contact Gordon Burnett, Ipex Inc., Montreal (phone: 514/861-7222, ext. 216). Committee F17 meets Nov. 4-7 in Miami Beach. For meeting or membership details, contact Bob Morgan, director, ASTM Technical Committee Operations (phone: 610/ 832-9732). //

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