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Participation Invited as ASTM Develops Standard for Cribsheet Anchors

ASTM Committee F15 on Consumer Products is soliciting individuals to develop a performance standard for cribsheet retention devices designed to reduce entrapment and suffocation. Crib mattress and sheet manufacturers, retailers, testing laboratories, safety consultants, consumers, and others are encouraged to contact ASTM.

The proposed ASTM standard will apply to anchors for full-sized cribs as defined in U.S. Code of Federal Regulations 16, Part 1508.3. Committee F15 is seeking a broad representation of producers, users, government, and academia to develop uniform performance requirements for cribsheet anchors.

BabySleepSafe, a cribsheet anchor manufacturing division of SLOCB Industries, Ardentsville, Pa., and the Juvenile Products Manufacturers Association, will participate in the development of the standard.

The effort began when April Decker, BabySleepSafe, requested that Hauser Laboratories, Colorado, research the failure rate of cribsheets with and without a retention device. Hauser wrote a performance specification based on their findings, and met with ASTM Committee F15 in June to request that it be further developed into a voluntary consensus standard.

ASTM Committee F15 on Consumer Products was formed in 1973. Forty-two subcommittees develop performance standards for different product areas. With current membership of approximately 700, the committee maintains over 63 standards that are available online or in the Annual Book of ASTM Standards, Volume 15.07. Developed by a unique mixture of representatives from industry, government, testing laboratories, retailers, and the ultimate consumer, these standards have and continue to play a preeminent role in promoting the safe usage and performance of consumer products.

To participate in this activity, contact Kathie Morgan, director, ASTM Technical Committee Operations (phone: 610/ 832-9721). //

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