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Small to Mid-Sized Service
Industries Sought to Develop
Environmental Compliance
Assessment Guide

Representatives from business, trade associations, government, consulting, academia, and environmental groups are invited to develop an ASTM standard guide designed to streamline and improve environmental compliance with city, state, and federal regulations by the small-to-medium-sized service sectors, such as dry cleaning, automotive fueling and repair, printing, photoprocessing, buildings and grounds, and laboratories.

A task group of Subcommittee E50.04 on Performance Standards Related to Environmental Regulatory Programs seeks this participation as they draft the proposed “Multi-Media Environmental Compliance Assessment” standard. Individuals should contact the task group chairman, Helen Waldorf, below. The group will assemble during the meetings of ASTM Committee E50 on Environmental Assessment in Orlando, Fla., October 24-27.

They initially met July 14 in Boston to discuss an environmental compliance assessment standard for service industries in the United States that will:

• Integrate the science of environmental and business risk management for use in decision making;

• Provide a flexible, technically defensible framework for compliance assessment that has a wide applicability to a range of service industries and environmental media;

• Focus on compliance with air, water, waste prevention, waste management, and toxic reduction requirements; and

• Outline steps to measure compliance and reduce pollution.

The proposed guide will draw its levels of risk from a wide variety of state and federal compliance and enforcement programs, and the significance placed on non-compliance within groups of similar requirements.

For further technical formation, contact Helen Waldorf, Massachusetts Environmental Protection Bureau of Waste Prevention, 1 Winter St., 9th floor, Boston, MA 02108 (617/292-5819; fax: 617/292-5530). Committee E50 meets Oct. 24-27 in Orlando, Fla. For meeting or membership details, contact Staff Manager Dan Smith, ASTM (610/832-9727). //

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