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Water Sports Stakeholders Invited to Join
Floating/Aqua Trampolines Task Force

About the only thing more fun than a trampoline is a trampoline on water. As well as jumping high in the air, springing into the water is a bonus. Aqua trampolines have jumping surfaces that range in size from 6.5 ft. to 17 ft. [2 m to 5.2 m]. They can be anchored and connected to slides, blobs, launchers, logs, and other inflatables. For safety, an inflatable bladder, comparable to an inner tube, surrounds the frame.

Due to their increased sales, a task force of ASTM Subcommittee F08.17 on Trampolines and Related Equipment was organized at the May 25 meetings of Committee F08 on Sports Equipment and Facilities. An ASTM safety standard for these water devices will be their first project.

“We’re very proud of the expanded participation of industry professionals on Subcommittee F08.17 and we felt that the level of knowledge, experience and drafting ability of this particular group has been greatly enhanced over the last four or five years,” says Bud Nichols, consultant, Jumpking, Inc., Garland, Tex., and chair of the Aqua Trampolines Task Force.

The subcommittee has four task forces developing equipment standards for land, as well as water trampolines. “We hope that safety standards developed by the ASTM Trampoline Subcommittee will guide everyone involved in the trampoline industry in the safe development and use of trampolines,” says subcommittee member Lani Loken-Dahle, a trampoline instructor at the University of Oregon and executive director, International Trampoline Industry Association, Inc., Eugene, Ore. “This includes manufacturers, suppliers, distributors, educators, government organizations, and other professionals.”

The task force invites representation from the water sports industry. Its current membership includes trampoline industry manufacturers, suppliers, educators, and administrators.

To participate in the development of this safety standard, or for further technical information, contact Bud Nichols, Jumpking, Inc., 901 W. Miller Rd., Garland, TX 75041 (972/271-5867, ext. 7223; fax: 972-494-2726). Committee F08 meets Nov. 14-17 in Orlando, Fla. For meeting or membership details, contact Staff Manager Jim Olshefsky, ASTM (610/832-9714).//

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