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 October 2007
Tech News

Food Service Equipment Committee Approves Bread and Bun Slicing Machine Standards

A pair of new ASTM International standards developed by ASTM International Committee F26 on Food Service Equipment will be used to replace outdated U.S. Department of Defense military standards. Subcommittee F26.04 on Mechanical Preparation Equipment developed the standards, F 2645, Specification for Bun Slicing Machines, and F 2646, Specification for Bread Slicing Machines.

According to Richard Pittenger, agency approval engineer, and chair of F26.04, the two standards are used to source various sizes and types of bread and bun slicing machines. The most likely user of the standard will be the U.S. Department of Defense, which purchases the equipment for military installations.

Pittenger says that Committee F26 always welcomes participation in its standards developing activities from manufacturers, users and anyone else interested in commercial food service equipment.


Technical Information: Richard I. Pittenger, Food Retail Systems,
Hobart, Troy, Ohio
Phone: 937/332-2621

ASTM Staff: Nancy Morrissey
Phone: 610/832-9736

Upcoming Meeting:
Oct. 9-10
Atlanta, Ga.