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 October 2006 Society Board Nominees Biographies

In accordance with the ASTM Bylaws, we are pleased to announce the slate of candidates selected by the Society’s Nominating Committee for election to ASTM offices for terms commencing Jan. 1, 2007: chairman of the board — one-year term; vice chairman — two-year term; and six directors — three year terms. The election is official when the ballot closes on Dec. 1.

This election is administered via the ASTM Web site. E-mails will be sent to ASTM members containing links for accessing the online ballot. If you do not have access to the Internet, you may request a hard copy of the ballot from Maureen Houck at 610/832-9594. Whether using the Web site or hard copy, remember that the deadline for receipt of all ballots is Dec. 1.

2007 Chairman of the Board
Gregory E. Saunders

Gregory E. Saunders, vice chairman of the ASTM International board of directors, is director of the Defense Standardization Program Office (DSPO) at the U.S. Department of Defense (DoD) in Fort Belvoir, Va. Saunders is responsible for all facets of defense standardization policies and procedures including the development and use of Military Specifications and Standards, Qualified Manufacturers Lists, and the use of private sector standards. He is vice chair of the Defense Standardization Council.

With a bachelor’s degree in industrial engineering from the University of Evansville in Evansville, Ind., Saunders began his work with the DoD in 1976, where his career has advanced to the current post he assumed in 1998. Over the years, Saunders has testified before Congress, served on Defense Science Board Studies chaired by Secretary Perry, and has been responsible for the DoD’s program to adopt and use standards produced by voluntary standards organizations.

From 1988 to 1990, Saunders served on the ASTM Committee on Technical Committee Operations (COTCO) and he served as chairman of the former Committee F10 on Food. He is currently on F07 on Aerospace and Aircraft, and he has also been active on Committees F15 on Consumer Products and F26 on Food Service Equipment. From 2001-2003, he was a member of the ASTM board of directors and chairman of the ASTM Finance and Audit Committee in 2004.

Saunders serves in the Aerospace Program Office, on the Technical Standards Board, and he chairs the Aerospace Council of the Society of Automotive Engineers. He is a director on the ANSI Board, and currently chairs the ANSI Government Member Forum. //

Vice Chairman of the Board
Paul K. Whitcraft

Paul K. Whitcraft is the director of Quality, Safety and Engineering at Rolled Alloys, Inc., in Temperance, Mich., a worldwide specialty metals supplier. With a B.S. degree in metallurgical engineering from Drexel University, Whitcraft began his career at Carpenter Technology’s Tube Division and then moved to the company’s Steel Division. In 1991, he began at Rolled Alloys as regional marketing manager, and in 1992 he was assigned to his current post. His career has focused on stainless steel and nickel alloy production, corrosion resistance, and establishing and operating quality systems.

Since 1975, Whitcraft has been active in several ASTM Committees: A01 on Steel, Stainless Steel and Related Alloys, B02 on Nonferrous Metals and Alloys, E01 on Analytical Chemistry for Metals, Ores and Related Materials, F04 on Medical and Surgical Materials and Devices, and G01 on Corrosion of Metals. He is the current chairman of Committee B02, which recognized him in 2002 with the Award of Merit for his leadership and technical contributions. Whitcraft currently chairs B02.07 on Refined Nickel and Cobalt and Their Alloys, the executive subcommittee of B02, and he is the secretary for ISO TC 155 SC2 on Wrought and Cast Nickel and Nickel Alloys, for which B02.92 is the U.S. Technical Advisory Group.

In addition to ASTM International, Whitcraft is a member of NACE International, ASM International, TAPPI, and SAE International, and he has worked toward the adoption of certain ASTM standards for the use of the Boiler and Pressure Vessel Code within ASME International. //

Rashid Ahmad Bin-Fahad

Rashid Ahmad Bin-Fahad, Ph.D., is secretary general of the Standardization Organization of the Cooperation Council for the Arab States of the Gulf GCC Standardization Organization (GSO), and board vice chairman and head of the Executive Committee for the Emirates Authority for Standards and Metrology (ESMA).

An ASTM member through the Memorandum of Understanding program, Bin-Fahad’s career has included standards, the environment, food control, and wastewater treatment. Before assuming his current roles at the GCC Standardization Organization and ESMA, Bin-Fahad was deputy director general for ESMA. Previously, he had held positions as head of the Food and Environment Laboratory for the Dubai Municipality and as a process engineer for the Dubai Wastewater Treatment Plant, both in the United Arab Emirates.

Bin-Fahad holds a B.Sc. in chemical engineering from Northeastern University in Boston, Mass., awarded in 1989. He earned his M.Sc. in environmental science in 1994 from the University of the United Arab Emirates, Al Ain, and his Ph.D. in civil engineering (environmental health) in 2001 from the University of Strathclyde, Glasgow, Scotland. In addition, Bin-Fahad has attended numerous programs related to standardization, conformity assessment, and metrology, and he has been involved in workshops on planning, quality management and quality assurance, as well as other training related to his professional work.

In addition to his ASTM membership, Bin-Fahad is affiliated with the Higher Committee for the Zayed International Prize for the Environment, the world’s largest environmental prize, in Dubai, United Arab Emirates; the International Water Association, United Kingdom; Water Science and Technology, Kingdom of Bahrain; and on the board of the Happy Family Center, Dubai, United Arab Emirates. He has also served as a negotiator for the UAE–U.S. Free Trade Agreement. //

James A. Luppens

James A. Luppens is project chief, U.S. Coal Assessment, for the U.S. Geological Survey (USGS) in Reston, Va., which provides information to describe and understand the earth. The USGS is the United States’ largest civilian mapping agency.

An expert in coal geology and coal quality, Luppens gained 27 years of experience with Phillips Coal Co., Richardson, Texas, as Chief Geologist doing coal exploration and mine development, including the opening of the first commercial coal mine in Mississippi. While at Phillips, Luppens also developed a national award-winning middle school earth science curriculum and teacher training program.

Luppens became the principal geologist for the Phillips Petroleum Co., Englewood, Colo., in 2000, where he provided geological support for coal bed methane exploration for the Phillips’ Business Development Group. His early career included geological positions with the White Pine Copper Co., where he mapped and evaluated copper properties, and Toledo Testing Laboratories, in which role he conducted soils engineering and geological tests.

At the U.S. Geological Survey, Luppens directs the U.S. coal assessment program, which includes a systematic inventory of the remaining economically minable coal reserves in the United States, as well as coal quality research at the USGS. He has been with USGS since 2004.

Luppens is currently chair of D05, a committee of approximately 220 members who are responsible for nearly 80 documents published in the Annual Book of ASTM Standards. He has also served as membership secretary and secretary of the committee and chair of Subcommittee D05.18 on Classification of Coals. Luppens has been honored with the D05 Committee R.A. Glenn Award. An ASTM fellow and 2001 Award of Merit recipient, Luppens has made important contributions to a number of standards and has written or coauthored numerous papers in his field including ASTM Manual 11 on the Drilling, Sampling, and Analysis of Coal. He also served two terms on the Committee on Standards, with one term as chair.

In addition to ASTM, Luppens is a member of the U.S. delegation to the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) TC27 Committee on Solid Fuels. He is affiliated with the Society of Mining Engineers and The Society of Organic Petrology.

Luppens earned his B.S. and M.S. in geology from the University of Toledo, Ohio, and did additional graduate work in geology and geochemistry at New Mexico Institute of Mining and Technology in Socorro, N.M. He also taught undergraduate courses at both institutions. //

Sandra L. Niks

Sandra L. Niks is manager of engineering standards for General Motors Corporation in Warren, Mich. She records information about and publishes GM’S worldwide engineering standards, and she builds standards expertise within the company. Niks, GM’s standards expert, also oversees external engineering standards activities for GM.

An ASTM member since 1986, Niks is currently vice chair of Committee D14 on Adhesives, which includes about 150 members who are responsible for more than 130 standards. In addition, she is chair of Subcommittee D14.40 on Adhesives for Plastics, which oversees more than a dozen standards. Niks served as D14 secretary from 1995 to 2000.

Niks began her career with GM as a science assistant in 1976, the year after she earned her B.Sc. in chemistry from Wayne State University in Detroit, Mich. While in that role, which included research on developing adhesive formulations, she completed her master of science in the economic aspects of chemistry at the University of Detroit, Mich. Niks became a project engineer in 1985 and a senior project engineer in 1992.

From 1988 to 1993, Niks chaired the GM Corporate Adhesives Committee. As the chair, she facilitated a committee responsible for updating corporate adhesive specifications, establishing standard specification templates, organizing technology development information to facilitate communication between divisions and compiling corporate adhesive specifications into one publication.

Before assuming her current role as GM’s manager of engineering standards in 1998, Niks also had been acting manager, new devices. She then became manager of document management and new devices, which included responsibility for patent review, new devices review, internal standards publication and distribution, external standards activities, and expanded document management activities.

A longtime member of the American Chemical Society, Niks is also an active member of SAE International, where she works on the Automotive Adhesives Committee; the Materials, Parts, and Processes Division Committee, of which she is also a past chair; and the Technical Standards Board. //

Richard W. Reaves

Richard W. (Dick) Reaves, P.E., is the North American sales manager for Troxler Electronic Laboratories, Inc., designer and manufacturer of precision test and measurement equipment for the highway construction industry, based in Research Triangle Park, N.C.

After earning his B.S. in civil engineering from Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University, Reaves launched his career as the nuclear testing engineer with the North Carolina Department of Transportation and advanced through the organization in a 30-year tenure that concluded with his 1999 retirement from the State Materials Engineer position.

As the State Materials Engineer, he managed the NCDOT sampling, testing, and acceptance program for all materials used in the construction and maintenance of the state’s highways. Also, Reaves was a member of the NCDOT Research Committee, which was charged with identifying, prioritizing, and selecting NCDOT contract research projects. In addition to various ASTM activities as the NCDOT representative, Reaves held the positions of regional vice chair and technical section chair on the American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials Subcommittee on Materials, where he was one of three AASHTO representatives working on collaboration efforts with ASTM in the late 1990s.

An ASTM International member since 1986, Reaves serves on Committees C09 on Concrete and Concrete Aggregates, D04 on Road and Paving Materials, D18 on Soil and Rock and is currently the chair of Subcommittee D04.21 on Specific Gravity and Density of Bituminous Mixtures. Reaves previously was a member on Committee E36 on Conformity Assessment and the Committee on Technical Committee Operations from 2002 to 2004. Other current positions held include membership on the Transportation Research Board’s Committees A2E06 on Basic Research and Emerging Technologies Related to Concrete and A2J03 on Mineral Aggregates. //

Earl A. Ruth

Earl A. Ruth is director of technology for Tinius Olsen Testing Machine Co. in Horsham, Pa. Currently he is also a member of the Tinius Olsen Executive Committee, which has responsibility for the daily operations of the company.

Soon after graduating magna cum laude from the University of Missouri-Rolla in 1984 with a B.S. in engineering mechanics, Ruth joined the Tinius Olsen staff as a mechanical engineer. As director of technology, he focuses on the design and development of materials testing machines as well as destructive and nondestructive equipment to evaluate materials and products.

In 1985, Ruth became a member of ASTM International Committee E28 on Mechanical Testing, and he is now chair of the committee, a group of about 400 members responsible for 53 standards. Ruth has been honored with the ASTM Award of Merit and title of fellow, in 2003, and has received four Awards of Appreciation from E28, in 1991, 1995, 1997, and 1998. He has been membership secretary, secretary, and vice chairman of E28 as well as chair of several subcommittees and task groups.

Previously a member of the Committee on Standards, which honored him with an Award of Appreciation in 2004, Ruth chaired the COS Task Group on Measurement Uncertainty.

In addition to his E28 work, Ruth participates in standards development through the International Organization for Standardization (ISO). He is currently part of the U.S. delegation to ISO/TC164/SC1 Committee on Mechanical Testing, Subcommittee on Uniaxial Testing. Ruth has also been a U.S. delegate to Subcommittee 4 on Pendulum Impact. //

Paul H. Shipp

Paul H. Shipp, Ph.D., P.E., is a senior research associate for the USG Research and Technology Innovation Center in Libertyville, Ill., where he advises research and operating management on strategic issues, trends, and developments related to building products, codes, and standards. He also directs research for major projects.

Shipp began his career at the Owens-Corning Fiberglas Corp. in Granville, Ohio, in 1979 as an engineer, and he then gained experience as a senior engineer in Owens-Corning’s Energy Research Laboratory and in its New Product Development area. In those roles he researched earth sheltered energy conservation and building moisture control. In 1986, Shipp joined the Oak Ridge National Laboratory in Oak Ridge, Tenn., as manager of the Department of Energy’s Roof Research Center, where he directed its construction and operations, and oversaw collaborative programs with private industry.

Shipp joined USG Corporation in 1988 as program manager for the Construction Systems Laboratory. He was responsible for testing and certifying USG building products and systems, which included internal design and development evaluations, oversight of third-party product testing certification, and management of code approvals.

An ASTM International member since 1987, Shipp currently works on Committees C11 on Gypsum and Related Building Materials and Research, C16 on Thermal Insulation, D01 on Paint and Related Coatings, Materials and Applications, E05 on Fire Standards, and E06 on Performance of Buildings. He is currently chair of E05, a committee of more than 520 members responsible for some 50 standards.

Author of numerous papers related to his technical expertise, Shipp is a member of ASHRAE, the American Society of Mechanical Engineers, and the International Organization for Standardization. He is also a technical committee member in the Gypsum Association and has been involved with activities in the Civil Engineering Research Foundation of the American Society of Civil Engineers.

Shipp holds a B.S. in mechanical engineering from Southern Methodist University in Dallas, Tex. He also has an M.S. and a Ph.D. in mechanical engineering from the University of Minnesota in Minneapolis. //

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