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Amusement Rides Committee Publishes Practice for Inflatables

A new standard developed by ASTM International Committee F24 on Amusements Rides and Devices, F 2374, Practice for Design, Manufacture, Operation, and Maintenance of Inflatable Amusement Devices, should fill a growing need in the amusement industry for a standard on inflatable amusements. The purpose of the standard, which is under the jurisdiction of Subcommittee F24.60 on Special Rides/Attractions, is to delineate information regarding the design, manufacture, installation, operation and maintenance of inflatable amusement devices.

According to June Hardin, president, Wapello Fabrications Company, the publication of F 2374 is very important. “F 2374 will provide safety and conformity within the inflatable industry,” says Hardin. She says that conformity is very important because different states currently have varying rules and regulations regarding inflatables.

The extensive growth of the inflatables industry has made the need for standardization apparent, according to Hardin. “When I started in this business 31 years ago, there were about four manufacturers in the United States. Now, I’d say there are at least 240.”

Hardin says she hopes that the growing inflatables rental industry takes notice of the new standard. “Carnivals and amusement parks have to have their inflatable amusements inspected but rental outlets do not,” Hardin says. “There needs to be some education on inflatables and hopefully F 2374 will provide it.”

For further technical information, contact June Hardin, Wapello Fabrications, Wapello, Iowa (phone: 319/523-8371). Committee F24 meets Oct. 1-3 in San Diego, Calif. For membership or meeting details, contact Len Morrissey, ASTM International (phone: 610/832-9719). //

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