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New Property Management Standard Published

The successful work of ASTM Committee E53 on Property Management Systems continues with a new standard developed by Subcommittee E53.04 on Reutilization and Disposal. The document, E 2306, Standard Practice for Utilization and Disposal of Personal Property, covers this part of a personal property management life cycle — personal property being anything other than real property owned by an organization.

“The timely and efficient reporting and disposition of excess personal property is important to an entity as it will lead to significant cost savings in terms of redistribution of excess property within the organization and, in some cases, providing a means to dispose of property through sales, thereby relieving storage requirements,” summarizes Jerry Hanley of the U.S. Department of Energy, who has been critical to the development of E 2306. Hanley adds that an entity using the standard has the flexibility to tailor it to meet its own needs.

The document promotes the importance of the cost-effective disposition of materials, and it provides a process by which to report, screen, redistribute, donate, abandon, or sell unneeded property. In addition, the standard enables users to establish a life cycle management approach to property management.

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