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Individuals Sought for Building Evacuation Guide

Participation is invited by the Hazards Communications Subcommittee E34.40, in ASTM Committee E34 on Occupational Health and Safety, as it develops standard evacuation-route diagrams for buildings.

The proposed standard diagrams will cover “the evacuation of building occupants in emergencies such as fire, windstorm, earthquake, hazardous materials release, and other events anticipated in the geographic area of the facility,” according to subcommittee member Steven Di Pilla, Product Development director, ESIS Risk Control Services, Haddon Heights, N.J.

Uniform markings benefit occupants of hotels, healthcare facilities, offices, places of assembly, and multiple-occupancy buildings. “Currently, there are no standards for the design and placement of evacuation-route diagrams (ERDs),” Di Pilla explained. “As a result, the look and content of ERDs is different in every building. In the case of multiple-occupancy buildings, this signage can vary by floor or portion of floor. Such inconsistency can create confusion for building occupants unfamiliar with the facility.

“Consistency in content, design, and placement of these signs can serve to increase familiarity and comprehension as well as reduce confusion, thus improving the ability of occupants to egress from the facility more easily and quickly in an emergency,” he affirmed.

To participate in this activity, contact Steven Di Pilla, ESIS Risk Control Services, ACE USA, Haddon Heights, N.J. (phone: 856/428-3924). Committee E34 meets Nov. 4-5 in Dallas, Texas. For meeting or membership details, contact Maxine Topping, manager, ASTM Technical Committee Operations (phone: 610/832-9737). //

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