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 November 2007
Inside ASTM

ASTM Standards Soon Available in HTML

ASTM International is pleased to announce that standards in the online Annual Book of ASTM Standards will soon be available in both PDF and HTML formats. Until now, standards had only been available in PDF format. Beginning on Nov. 15, users can choose to view standards in HTML format, which will make on-screen viewing much easier and allow users to click links taking them to related documents.

"Adding the HTML version along with the PDF version gives our subscribers the best of both worlds," says David von Glahn, ASTM director of product development, marketing and publications. "Customers will now gain all of the benefits of HTML for ease of viewing and linking, while still having access to the PDF version for downloading and printing."

"This is another step forward in providing our customers with the best possible experience in the viewing and use of standards," says Philip Lively, ASTM’s vice president of information technology. "All of ASTM's over 12,000 standards were converted and seamlessly integrated into the online Book of ASTM Standards alongside the existing PDF versions."

There are over 80 volumes in the online Book of ASTM Standards. Subscriptions are available by individual volume or section. For more information contact Customer Service at 610/832-9585, service@astm.org, or go to the ASTM Web Site. //