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 November 2007
Tech News

Candle Products Subcommittee Approves Standard on Accessories

After developing F 2417, Specification for Fire Safety for Candles, Subcommittee F15.45 on Candle Products began working on a standard that would cover accessories, as data on home fires and Consumer Product Safety Commission recalls indicated that a number of types of accessories were involved in fires caused by candles in home settings. The resulting standard, F 2601, Specification for Fire Safety for Candle Accessories, has just been published. Subcommittee F15.45 is part of ASTM International Committee F15 on Consumer Products.

“The new standard addresses three different types of candle accessories: rings, burners and holders,” says James Becker, president, Candle Solutions, and chair of Subcommittee F15.45. The flammability of candle ring components is discussed in the standard. Burners that are covered include potpourri burners in which extraneous material is being warmed by the candle flame. Requirements concerning rings and burners deal with the tendency of these types of accessories to support secondary ignition by breaking, cracking or allowing excessive flame heights to develop. The primary concern regarding holders is the possibility of candle tip-over, which can start a fire. F 2601 includes a test in which a candle and its holder must remain standing on a 10-degree incline to be acceptable.

“Anyone interested in candles and their fire safety is welcome to join Subcommittee F15.45,” says Becker, who also notes that the subcommittee is currently discussing the addition of plastic tea light cups to the standard and has put ceramic materials on the list of materials to be discussed for future revisions.


Technical Information: James Becker, Candle Solutions, Corbin, Ky.
Phone: 606/523-0994

ASTM Staff: Leonard Morrissey
Phone: 610/832-9719