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 November 2007
Standards Actions

C01 on Cement


Volume 04.01
C 1600/C 1600M-07
Specification for Rapid Hardening Hydraulic Cement


Volume 04.01
C 109/C 109M-07 Test Method for Compressive Strength of Hydraulic Cement Mortars (Using 2-in. or [50-mm] Cube Specimens)
C 114-07 Test Methods for Chemical Analysis of Hydraulic Cement
C 191-07 Test Methods for Time of Setting of Hydraulic Cement by Vicat Needle
C 204-07 Test Methods for Fineness of Hydraulic Cement by Air-Permeability Apparatus
C 226-07 Specification for Air-Entraining Additions for Use in the Manufacture of Air-Entraining Hydraulic
C 266-07 Test Method for Time of Setting of Hydraulic-Cement Paste by Gillmore Needles
C 359-07 Test Method for Early Stiffening of Hydraulic Cement (Mortar Method)
C 451-07 Test Method for Early Stiffening of Hydraulic Cement (Paste Method)
C 490-07 Practice for Use of Apparatus for the Determination of Length Change of Hardened Cement Paste, Mortar, and Concrete
C 1356-07 Test Method for Quantitative Determination of Phases in Portland Cement Clinker by Microscopical Point-Count Procedure

C04 on Vitrified Clay Pipe


Volume 04.05
C 700-07ε1 Specification for Vitrified Clay Pipe, Extra Strength, Standard Strength, and Perforated

C07 on Lime


Volume 04.01
C 51-07 Terminology Relating to Lime and Limestone (as used by the Industry)
C 602-07 Specification for Agricultural Liming Materials
C 1097-07 Specification for Hydrated Lime for Use in Asphalt Cement or Bituminous Pavements

C09 on Concrete and Concrete Aggregates


Volume 04.02
C 29/C 29M-07 Test Method for Bulk Density (Unit Weight) and Voids in Aggregate
C 78-07 Test Method for Flexural Strength of Concrete (Using Simple Beam with Third-Point Loading)
C 127-07 Test Method for Density, Relative Density (Specific Gravity), and Absorption of Coarse Aggregate
C 128-07a Test Method for Density, Relative Density (Specific Gravity), and Absorption of Fine Aggregate
C 172-07 Practice for Sampling Freshly Mixed Concrete
C 192/C 192M-07 Practice for Making and Curing Concrete Test Specimens in the Laboratory
C 232-07 Test Methods for Bleeding of Concrete
C 233-07 Test Method for Air-Entraining Admixtures for Concrete
C 293-07 Test Method for Flexural Strength of Concrete (Using Simple Beam With Center-Point Loading)
C 332-07 Specification for Lightweight Aggregates for Insulating Concrete
C 495-07 Test Method for Compressive Strength of Lightweight Insulating Concrete
C 823/C 823M-07 Practice for Examination and Sampling of Hardened Concrete in Constructions
C 918/C 918M-07 Test Method for Measuring
Early-Age Compressive Strength and Projecting Later-Age Strength
C 1077-07 Practice for Laboratories Testing Concrete and Concrete Aggregates for Use in Construction and Criteria for Laboratory Evaluation
C 1231/C 1231M-07 Practice for Use of
Unbonded Caps in Determination of Compressive Strength of Hardened Concrete Cylinders
C 1398-07 Test Method for the Laboratory Determination of the Time of Setting of Hydraulic-Cement Mortars Containing Additives for Shotcrete by the Use of
Gillmore Needles
C 1399-07a Test Method for Obtaining Average Residual-Strength of Fiber-Reinforced Concrete
C 1567-07 Test Method for Determining the Potential Alkali-Silica Reactivity of Combinations of Cementitious Materials and Aggregate (Accelerated Mortar-Bar Method)

C11 on Gypsum and Related Building Materials and Systems


Volume 04.01
C 473-07 Test Methods for Physical Testing of Gypsum Panel Products
C 645-07 Specification for Nonstructural Steel Framing Members
C 933-07a Specification for Welded Wire Lath
C 954-07 Specification for Steel Drill Screws for the Application of Gypsum Panel Products or Metal Plaster Bases to Steel Studs from 0.033 in. (0.84 mm) to 0.112 in. (2.84 mm) in Thickness
C 1002-07 Specification for Steel Self-Piercing Tapping Screws for the Application of Gypsum Panel Products or Metal Plaster Bases to Wood Studs or Steel Studs
C 1278/C 1278M-07 Specification for Fiber-Reinforced Gypsum Panel

C15 on Manufactured Masonry Units


Volume 04.05
C 216-07a Specification for Facing Brick (Solid Masonry Units Made from Clay or Shale)

C16 on Thermal Insulation


Volume 04.06
C 1667-07 Test Method for Using Heat Flow Meter Apparatus to Measure the Center-of-Panel Thermal
Resistivity of Vacuum Panels


Volume 04.06
C 1558-03(2007)


Volume 04.06
C 534-07a Specification for Preformed Flexible Elastomeric Cellular Thermal Insulation in Sheet and Tubular Form
C 547-07 Specification for Mineral Fiber Pipe Insulation
C 656-07 Specification for Structural Insulating Board, Calcium Silicate
C 1044-07 Practice for Using a Guarded-Hot-Plate Apparatus or Thin-Heater Apparatus in the Single-Sided Mode
C 1484-07 Specification for Vacuum Insulation Panels
C 1512-07 Test Method for Characterizing the Effect of Exposure to Environmental Cycling on Thermal Performance of Insulation Products
C 1534-07 Specification for Flexible Polymeric Foam Sheet Insulation Used as a Thermal and Sound Absorbing Liner for Duct Systems

C18 on Dimension Stone


Volume 04.07
C 119-07a Terminology
Relating to Dimension Stone

C21 on Ceramic Whitewares and Related Products


Volume 15.02
C 627-93(2007)

C28 on Advanced Ceramics


Volume 15.01
C 1331-01(2007)
C 1332-01(2007)