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Protective Coatings and Linings for Power Generation Facilities
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 November 2006
Jon R. Cavallo, P.E., is a registered professional engineer in six states, an Society of Protective Coatings protective coating specialist, and an NBR certified nuclear coatings engineer. In addition to ASTM, Cavallo is active on a number of professional associations including Society for Protective Coatings, NACE International, and ASME International. He currently serves as the chairman of ASTM Committee D33.

Protective Coatings and Linings for Power Generation Facilities

ASTM International Committee D33 on Protective Coating and Lining Work for Power Generation Facilities was formed in 1979 from what was formerly ASTM Subcommittee D01.43. The committee meets once a year with about 40-50 members attending two days of technical meetings. Meetings typically include a symposium or workshop on relevant topics in the area of protective coatings and linings. Committee D33, with a membership of approximately 100 industry professionals and experts, currently has jurisdiction over 30 standards, published in Volume 06.02 of the Annual Book of ASTM Standards. The committee has seven technical subcommittees. Committee D33’s standards have played, and continue to play, a preeminent role in all aspects important to coatings and linings for power generation facilities.

Committee Technical Focus
ASTM Committee D33 members represent all aspects of the power industry protective coatings and linings industry: generation, transmission and distribution, coating work materials and equipment, engineering, quality and regulatory compliance. As such, trends requiring the revision of existing ASTM standards and/or the development of new standards for power industry coatings and lining work are promptly identified. Standards development work is assigned to one of the D33 subcommittees for execution:

• D33.02 — Service and Material Parameters
• D33.04 — Quality Systems and Inspection
• D33.05 — Application and Surface Preparation
• D33.09 — Protective Lining for Flue Gas Desulphurization (FGD) Systems
• D33.10 — Protective Coatings Maintenance Work for Power Generation Facilities
• D33.12 — Tank Coatings and Linings
• D33.92 — Definitions

Each of the D33 subcommittees is chaired by a protective coatings and linings specialist in the subcommittee technical scope area.

Recent Committee Activities
During the past several years, Committee D33 has focused its attention on several areas in the power generation coatings and linings industry.

Nuclear Power Plants
Many existing nuclear power plants are extending their operating licenses, which will result in plants operating for 60 years and more. As part of the license extension process, plant licensees must demonstrate to the U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission that effective coating and lining maintenance is provided for in the overall plant operation and maintenance program.

At the time of this writing, several applications for new domestic nuclear power generation facilities have been submitted to the NRC. Committee D33 is conducting a review of its existing standards related to nuclear power generation facilities, and has revised existing standards or has issued new standards where applicable. These recently approved standards include:

D 7230, Guide for Evaluating Polymeric Lining Systems for Water Immersion in Coating Service Level III Safety-Related Applications on Metal Substrates
D 7108, Guide for Establishing Qualifications for a Nuclear Coatings Specialist
D 7167, Guide for Establishing Procedures to Monitor the Performance of Safety-Related Coating Service Level III Lining Systems in an Operating Nuclear Power Plant

As part of the overall industry technical support and enhancement effort involved in nuclear power plant coatings and linings work, Committee D33 has recently hosted two international symposia, one on the Aging of U.S. Nuclear Power Plant Reactor Containment Protective Coatings and a second on Developing and Executing Programs for Condition Assessment of Containment Protective Coatings.

Conventional Power Plants
Committee D33 maintains a number of standards related to conventional (fossil fueled, hydroelectric, solar, wind, etc.) power generation facilities. Typical of the current D33 conventional power plant standards activity is a reinstatement of D 3486, Practice for Installation of Vulcanizable Rubber Tank Linings and Pipe Linings, formerly under the jurisdiction of ASTM International Committee D11 on Rubber. This standard was withdrawn in 1994, however, vulcanized rubber linings still are specified and used in the power industry for tanks, water boxes, etc. A group of Committee D33 members identified the need for reinstatement of this standard and Committee D33 has begun updating, reissuing and maintaining the standard.

Interaction with the U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission
ASTM Committee D33 serves as the technical standards representative body for power plant coatings and linings with the NRC. Representatives of Committee D33 attend NRC public meetings to monitor industry regulatory and licensing trends, speak for Committee D33 as appropriate, and initiate revised and new ASTM standards as appropriate.

ASTM Committee D33 holds its main committee and subcommittee meetings once a year in conjunction with the Society for Protective Coatings/Painting and Decorating Contractors of America Paint and Coatings Expo (PACE). In 2007, the ASTM D33 meetings will be held in Dallas, Texas, on Feb. 15-16, 2007. For additional meeting information, visit the ASTM D33 Web page or contact the ASTM Committee D33 staff manager, Joe Hugo. //

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