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ASTM Officers' Conference
Commitment and Enthusiasm Contribute to Success of the 2004 Officers’ Conference

by Rich Wilhelm

Displaying the sense of commitment that has been the hallmark of ASTM members for over a century, over 80 ASTM committee officers attended the 2004 Officers’ Conference held at ASTM International’s Headquarters in West Conshohocken, Pa., on Sept. 13 and 14. The conference, which is held every two years, gives officers an opportunity to receive a thorough overview of the ASTM standardization process by attending a variety of modules prepared and presented by ASTM staff members. The purpose of the conference is to make ASTM officers aware of all the tools available to them to maximize the effectiveness of their committees, subcommittees, and task groups.

Presentation topics ranged from “ASTM in the National and International Arena” to “Technology to Support Technical Committee Operations.” Presentations were arranged to allow officers to attend a wide variety of workshops over the course of the conference.

Len Morrissey, ASTM staff manager and chairman of the Officers’ Conference, feels that the conference was a success due to the commitment and enthusiasm of both ASTM staff and committee officers. Conference attendees found the presentations to be informative and helpful.

The next ASTM International Officers’ Conference will take place in 2006. //

ASTM International Chairman of the Board Arthur Schwope addresses a group at the Officers’ Conference.
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Kevin Shanahan explains the duties and responsibilities of main committee officers.
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Ellie Barkley and Christi Sierk present a workshop on member and committee services.
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Joe Hugo and Diane Rehiel speak on the duties and responsibilities of main committee officers.
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Pat Picariello speaks on the importance of strategic planning and new activity development.
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ASTM committee officers were able to choose from among the following presentations:

• ASTM in the National and International Arena

• Balloting/Handling Negative Votes

• Corporate Communications

• Electronically Preparing Standards for Ballot and Publication

• Main Committee Officers: Duties and Responsibilities

• Member Services and Committee Services

• My ASTM and Other New Initiatives

• Strategic Planning and New Activity Development

• Subcommittee Chairmen: Duties and Responsibilities

• Technology to Support Technical Committee Operations

• Technical and Professional Training, Proficiency Test Programs, and Symposia Programs