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Committee on Technology and Underground Utilities to Present Forum at Pacific Telecom Conference

ASTM International Committee F36 on Technology and Underground Utilities will present a round-table forum on Sunday, Jan. 16, 2005, at the 27th Annual Pacific Telecom Conference held at the Hawaiian Hilton Village in Honolulu, Hawaii. The conference will be attended by CEOs, CTOs, CMOs, CFOs, and other high-level buyers of ASTM members’ technologies, products, and services. The forum, entitled, “Standardizing Your Last Mile Assets,” will highlight the use of the extensive portfolio of standards developed by Committee F36 for the purposes of accelerating the last mile of optical fiber cable deployment in existing forms of civil infrastructure since its inception in April 2001. This provides a no-dig, cost-effective alternative that turns existing underground civil infrastructure into revenue-generating assets and creates a win-win proposition for partnerships among utility owners, contractors, communication companies, and fiber service providers.

The round-table forum will cover the following topics, with presenters from major gas utilities, engineering companies, utility contractors, grouting manufacturers, municipalities and consulting firms:

Transforming Sewers into a Last-Mile Access and Revenue-Generating Asset — Standards regarding the selection, installation, operation and maintenance of fiber in sewers help to facilitate the acceptance of the role of sewers in supplying the last mile of fiber — while generating revenue for municipalities, continuing to operate as intended, and creating municipal/private sector partnerships.

Partnering with Sewer Owners to Rehabilitate Sewers for Fiber Installation and to Provide for Their Long-Term Maintenance — Use of high-tech grouts, and technologies for their application, can be the central link in assuring the life of sewers selected for fiber installation.

Technologies for the Easy and Safe Deployment of Fiber in Gas Lines to Provide a Lucrative Solution to Last-Mile Connectivity — A portfolio of standards exist for the selection of gas mains and for the utilization of technologies to install optical fiber cable within them — making a partnership with gas utilities a smart venture for completing the last mile.

Preparing Water Lines for Fiber Installation and Preserving Their Civil Life — Utilization of existing standards as cost-effective guidance in the selection of the most appropriate technology for improving the life of water pipelines, and for preparing them as a possible alternative for fiber installation.

For further technical information, contact Jey K. Jeyapalan, P.E., F36 chair, New Milford, Conn. (phone: 860/354-7299). For membership or meeting details, contact Daniel Schultz, ASTM International (phone: 610/832-9716). //

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