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Ready-Mixed Concrete: ASTM Standards and Related Information, 2nd Edition

Cement, Concrete and Aggregates Journal

Masonry Test Methods and Specifications for the Building Industry, 4th Edition

STP 1423 Zirconium in the Nuclear Industry: 13th International Symposium

STP 1426 Insulation Materials: Testing and Applications, Fourth Volume

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Feature: 100 Years of ASTM Committee C01 on Cement: A Success Story
by Emery Farkas

Feature: ASTM Committee C01 and the Cement Industry: A Century-Long Partnership for Progress
by Paul D. Tennis and John M. Melander

Feature: The Cement and Concrete Reference Laboratory: Promoting Quality in Laboratory Testing
by James H. Pielert

Feature: Closing the Gap: CSA and ASTM Portland Cement Standards
by Robert A. Helinski

Feature: Cement Additives, From TDA to Polyfon T
by Nile R. Strohman

HowTo: Succeeding as a Standards Professional, Part 4 of 5
by Laura Hitchcock

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In 1902, professionals in the U.S. cement industry came together under the auspices of the then-new ASTM. They hoped to provide a national reference point for the industry in place of the 200 specifications then in use. For 100 years, ASTM Committee C01 on Cement has maintained its relevance through consensus standards development, laboratory proficiency testing, and an eye toward international harmonization. //

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