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ASTM Offers Acoustic Test for Manufacturers of Playing Surfaces

Sports surfaces are performance-tested by acoustically measuring ball-to-surface impact. Lacking a standard acoustic test for sports surfaces, North American manufacturers use European standards that may not meet western requirements, according to research engineer Paul W. Elliott, Robbins Sports Surfaces, Cincinnati, Ohio. “Not all marketplaces use their floor in the same manner as the European countries, and European standards are not necessarily appropriate to the requirements of all markets, especially North America,” he explained.

Bridging this gap, ASTM released F 2117, Standard Test Method for Vertical Rebound Characteristics of Sports Surface/Ball Systems; Acoustical Measurement.

The new test was approved June 10 by ASTM Committee F08 on Sports Equipment and Facilities. It was developed by a task group of testing specialists and manufacturers of natural or synthetic turf, gym flooring, and other sports surfaces. Elliott, who chaired the task group, said the standard may be used to:

• Provide a basis for scientific evaluation of damaged surfaces such as a flooded gymnasium;
• Justify or suggest the extent of repair procedures through the degree of performance difference or deterioration;
• Accommodate manufacturers seeking to promote their system’s properties,
• Document damage caused by environmental conditions (flooding, humidity, or drought);
• Justify manufacturers’ repair or replacement suggestions; or • Specify field testing to ensure performance compliance with installation.

Comments may be directed to Paul W. Elliott, Robbins Sports Surfaces, Cincinnati, Ohio (phone: 513/871-8988). Committee F08 meets Nov. 6-9 in Dallas, Texas. For meeting or membership details, contact Jim Olshefsky, manager, ASTM Technical Committee Operations (phone: 610/832-9714). //

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