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November/December 2010

CNIS and ASTM International:
Partners in Promoting Standardization

Recognizing the vital importance of standardization for industry, commerce, environment and public health, and the value of the involvement of China’s enterprises in ASTM International standards development activities, the China National Institute of Standardization and ASTM signed a cooperation agreement in 2004. The agreement makes it possible for professionals in China to become participating members of ASTM International through CNIS and provides for a number of other cooperative programs, including training and collaborative events.

Under the agreement, CNIS serves as the gateway to ASTM membership for Chinese professionals. CNIS also maintains an ASTM International website that provides users with information about ASTM membership and activities. Two CNIS employees have made extended educational visits to ASTM International, which gave them the opportunity to attend standards development meetings, meet with ASTM staff and visit with other standards development organizations and agencies. CNIS and ASTM International have also held collaborative events, including workshops on nonferrous metals, building codes and standards, and standards and innovation in the global knowledge economy.

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