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November/December 2010

Fitness Equipment

woman exercisingASTM International Committee F08 on Sports Equipment and Facilities focuses on elliptical equipment in its two latest approved standards. Both F2810, Specification for Elliptical Trainers, and F2811, Test Methods for Evaluating Design and Performance Characteristics of Elliptical Trainers, are under the jurisdiction of Subcommittee F08.30 on Fitness Products.

Harvey Voris, vice president, Paramount Fitness Corp. and F08 chairman, says that F2810 and F2811 are next in the evolution of fitness product standards being developed by F08.30. The new elliptical equipment standards are follow-ups to another standard approved by F08.30 in 2009, F2571, Test Methods for Evaluating Design and Performance Characteristics of Fitness Equipment.

“All of our standards are meant to assist designers in the development of functionally safe fitness products,” says Voris. “Further, the test methods allow designers and manufacturers and test houses the ability to access the design of fitness products — in the case of F2811, elliptical trainers.”

According to Voris, F08.30 is always open to new participants interested in working on the subcommittee’s proposed standards. “New activities are going to include standards development for plate loaded fitness equipment, also known as free weight equipment, and for inclusive fitness products,” says Voris.

Proposed new F08.30 standards include WK19803, Specification for Additional Requirements for Universal Design of Fitness Equipment Optimization for Inclusive Use for Persons with Functional Limitations and Impairments, and WK24295, Specification for Externally Loaded Strength Training Equipment, Strength Training Benches and External Weight Storage Fixturing.


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