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November/December 2010

Total Facet Prostheses

Subcommittee F04.25 on Spinal Devices, part of ASTM International Committee F04 on Medical and Surgical Materials and Devices, has been proactive in developing and advancing standards that can be used by the medical community for testing prosthetic devices in the early stages of development. The latest such standard is F2790, Practice for Static and Dynamic Characterization of Motion Preserving Lumbar Total Facet Prostheses.

F2790 could be applied to all motion-preserving devices for the posterior of the spine, not just total facet prostheses.

“Some devices, such as interspinous spacers and dynamic stabilizer devices, may require a modification in the fixtures or setup; however, this is allowed by F2790,” says David Rosler, senior neural interfaces program manager, Providence Veterans Affairs Medical Center. “Additionally, the standard may provide an alternate method of evaluating fusion devices under more physiologic conditions and allowing comparison to motion-preserving devices.”


Technical Information: David Rosler, Providence Veterans Affairs Medical Center, Providence, R.I.

Phone: 401-402-0367

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