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November/December 2009

Concrete Box Joints

ASTM International Committee C13 on Concrete Pipe has approved a new standard that covers flexible joints for concrete box sections using rubber gaskets for leak-resistant joints. Subcommittee C13.08 on Joints for Precast Concrete Structures developed C1677, Specification for Joints for Concrete Box, Using Rubber Gaskets.

“This specification will provide a uniform minimum level of production and performance for owners who wish to specify culverts and storm sewers when precast concrete box sections with gasketed joints are furnished,” says John Meyer, a consultant on subdivision design and chair of C13.08. “By specifying that a gasketed structure be permitted, the specifier is providing the box culvert producer and contractors the opportunity to furnish and install the enhanced joint system.”

According to Meyer, the primary users of C1677 will be municipalities, highway departments and any other agencies responsible for drainage or water control.


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