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November/December 2009

Annealed Copper Wire

ASTM International Committee B01 on Electrical Conductors has approved a new standard for tin-coated annealed copper wire. The standard, B965, Specification for High Performance Tin-Coated Annealed Copper Wire Intended for Electrical and Electronic Application for Solderability, was developed by Subcommittee B01.04 on Conductors of Copper and Copper Alloys.

Stephen Childers, process engineer, IWG High Performance Conductors Inc., and a member of Committee B01, says that many standards within the electrical conductor industry make reference to B33, Specification for Tinned Soft or Annealed Copper Wire for Electrical Purposes. However, B33 does not cover the specifics for a tin-plated copper conductor intended to achieve solderability. B965 covers solderability applications.

Childers notes that tin-plated copper conductors are currently used in the industry where solderability is required. “B965 addresses the bare conductor requirements, quality test and inspection criteria for the solderability testing,” says Childers. “The standard will have applications to both the electronics and aerospace industries.”


Technical Information: Stephen Childers, IWG High Performance Conductors Inc., Inman, S.C.

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