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November/December 2008

Negative Vote Resolution

The Process Goes Online

The most recent marker in moving the standards development process online comes with the resolution of negative votes. That is, all actions taken on negative votes can now be recorded online with the use of the new online negative vote resolution tool.

This online process replaces paper forms for the submission of resolution of negative votes.

In the new online system, once a member submits a negative vote, an e-mail is automatically sent to the technical contact, who can then review the statement by visiting the “ballot negatives and comments/ruling” page under the “My Tools” box.

After reviewing the content of the negative vote, the technical contact may call or e-mail the voter to discuss the negative, which could result in its withdrawal — freeing up time at the next meeting — or at least add to the understanding of any technical issues with the draft.

Either the technical contact or the subcommittee chair may use the online tool to record the resolution of the negative vote. The options for resolutions of a negative vote are:

  • Persuasive (any part of the negative vote was found persuasive; item removed from ballot);
  • Withdrawn (entire negative vote was withdrawn without editorial changes) or withdrawn with editorial changes (entire negative vote was withdrawn with editorial changes);
  • Not persuasive (entire negative vote was found not persuasive or there is a combination of not persuasive and withdrawn resolutions); and
  • Not related (entire negative was found not related or there is a combination of not related and withdrawn resolutions).

Contacts and chairs will find radio buttons for all options on the ballot negatives and comments page described above adjacent to the negative voter’s name under a link labeled “enter resolution.”

The negative vote resolution system provides space for the entry of not persuasive or not related rationales directly into the system.

For those who prefer to continue using negative vote resolution forms, commonly referred to as pink sheets, a generic version may be found at “ballot negatives and comments.” Choose “click here for negative vote resolution forms.”

If you have any questions about a specific resolution or if you have any questions about the online disposition of a negative vote, contact your staff manager.

We hope that our technical contacts and subcommittee chairs find the online negative vote resolution screens to be useful. As always, we welcome your feedback. If you have any difficulties or comments as you use the balloting system, please contact your staff manager. Alternatively, you may call a technical support representative. For technical assistance by phone, call 1-877-909-2786 (U.S. and Canada) or +1-610-832-9578 (international).