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May/June 2011

cargo shipFiber Reinforced Plastic Gratings

Fiber reinforced plastic gratings are often used as walkways for a variety of marine vessels. A proposed new ASTM International standard will cover several aspects of fiber reinforced plastic gratings, including fire testing procedures, ultraviolet effects and moisture absorption.

The proposed standard, WK31924, Specification for Fiber Reinforced Plastic (FRP) Gratings Used in Marine Construction and Shipbuilding, is being developed by Subcommittee F25.03 on Outfitting and Deck Machinery, part of ASTM International Committee F25 on Ships and Marine Technology.

“FRP gratings are desirable in the marine environment because of their light weight, low thermal conductivity and resistance to corrosion,” says John Miller, a U.S. Coast Guard marine inspector and F25 member. “These gratings are used on U.S. Coast Guard-inspected vessels, including mobile offshore drilling units and floating production platforms as walkways in machinery spaces, cargo areas and on-deck areas.”

Interested participants are encouraged to join in the development of WK31924.


Technical Information: John H. Miller, U.S. Coast Guard, Washington, D.C.

Phone: 201-372-1372

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