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May/June 2010

Alkali-Aggregate Reactions

Members of ASTM Committees C09 on Concrete and Concrete Aggregates and C01 on Cement, as well as other interested parties, are invited to join new Subcommittee C09.50 on Risk Management for Alkali-Aggregate Reactions. The new subcommittee will develop standards on the mitigation of deleterious alkali-aggregate reactions in concrete.

To initiate the launch of C09.50, Committees C01 and C09 are the co-sponsors of a workshop on Specifications on Alkali-Aggregate Reaction, to be held 1-5 p.m. on June 6 at the Renaissance St. Louis Grand and Suites Hotel in St. Louis, Mo. The purpose of the workshop is to help the sponsoring committees and the new subcommittee to develop new specifications on alkali-silica reactions in concrete.

The effectiveness of current alkali-silica reaction specifications and how they might be improved will be covered in the workshop. Topics will include ASTM standards, specifications and guides developed in other organizations, specifications in other countries and what is lacking in current specifications according to key industries.

More information on the workshop can be found at the Committee C09 page of the ASTM International Web site.

According to Steven Parker, key accounts manager, CHRYSO Inc., and vice chairman of C09, users of proposed standards developed by C09.50 will include a spectrum of concrete professionals, including producers, purchasers and specifiers. In addition, Parker notes that members of research and academic organizations will find value in documents developed by the subcommittee as well.

“From an applied perspective, proposed standards developed by C09.50 will provide guidance on how deleterious expansion resulting from alkali-aggregate reaction might be minimized or possibly prevented for a particular aggregate before concrete is ultimately produced,” says Parker.


Technical Information: Steven Parker, CHRYSO Inc., Rockwall, Texas

Phone: 214-415-7089

ASTM Staff: Scott Orthey

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