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May/June 2008

Joining Forces to Save Lives: The Coalition for Fire-Safe Cigarettes

Organized in 2006 by the National Fire Protection Association, the Coalition for Fire-Safe Cigarettes includes a large and diverse set of national and local organizations that are working together to save lives and prevent injuries and damage from cigarette-ignited fires. Fire service personnel, consumer and disabled rights advocates, medical and public health practitioners are among the groups (including ASTM) that have joined the CFSC in its work to encourage the production and marketing of fire-safe cigarettes. Dues to the efforts of the CFSC, 22 states have passed legislation requiring that cigarettes conform with ASTM E2187, 16 states have filed similar bills and five states are considering bills carried over from 2007. For more information on the CFSC, contact Lorraine Carli, NFPA (phone: 617/984-7276).

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