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May/June 2008

Integration of Flight Operations Aided by New Unmanned Air Vehicle Standard

Safely integrating unmanned aircraft flight operations with those of manned aircraft is the central goal of a new ASTM International standard, F2500, Practice for Unmanned Aircraft System (UAS) Visual Range Flight Operations. The standard was developed by Subcommittee F38.02 on Flight Operations, part of ASTM International Committee F38 on Unmanned Aircraft Systems.

David Grilley, UAS operations specialist, Geneva Aerospace, Inc., and chair of Subcommittee F38.02, says that F2500 was developed because of a need for operational standards for mini-UAS fliers working with remote control aircraft for commercial purposes within visual range. The standard prescribes principles that govern the visual flight operation of UAS in civil airspace.

Grilley encourages participation in the activities of Subcommittee F38.02, particularly from members of the insurance industry. “We hope the FAA will be able to use our suite of standards, like those of Committee F37 on Light Sport Aircraft, to support commercial mini-UAS, RC, visual operations,” says Grilley. “If those operations are approved, then applicants will be applying for aviation insurance and we would like to have the input of insurance underwriters on requirements so the insurance is affordable.”


Technical Information: David E. Grilley, Geneva Aerospace Inc., Carrollton, Texas

Phone: 469/568-2411

ASTM Staff: Daniel Schultz

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