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March/April 2011

Radiant Barrier Systems

Quality of materials and proper installation are keys to maintaining the effectiveness, safety and durability of radiant barrier systems used for thermal insulation. Two new ASTM International standards will provide important information to both users and installers of radiant barrier systems.

The new standards are C1743, Practice for Installation and Use of Radiant Barrier Systems (RBS) in Residential Building Construction, and C1744, Practice for Installation and Use of Radiant Barrier Systems (RBS) in Commercial/Industrial Building Construction. Both standards were developed by Subcommittee C16.21 on Reflective Insulation, part of ASTM Committee C16 on Thermal Insulation.

“Both C1743 and C1744 are written in very plain terms and should make the installation and use of radiant barrier systems much easier to understand,” says Roy Akers, a member of C16. “These standards will provide enough information to install and use radiant barrier systems in a manner so as to achieve maximum performance.”

Akers notes that the new standards will be used by radiant barrier manufacturers as well as architects, building departments, energy consultants, government agencies and homeowners.

Akers invites all interested parties to participate in the standards developing activities of C16.21, including future revisions to the new standards. “C1743 and C1744 will continue to develop for years to come as the technology expands, as well as acceptance and use of radiant barrier system products,” says Akers.


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