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March/April 2010

Overlay Test

Broken Specimen in Overlay Tester

Cracking is one of the most prevalent distresses that occurs in bituminous pavements. A proposed new ASTM International standard, WK26816, Test Method for Overlay Test, will address cracking that happens during the bituminous mixture design phase. The proposed new standard is being developed by Subcommittee D04.20 on Mechanical Tests of Bituminous Mixtures, part of ASTM International Committee D04 on Road and Paving Materials.

According to Richard Steger, Road Science LLC, and chairman of D04.20, an overlay tester was developed by the Texas Transportation Institute and the Texas Department of Transportation to cover the cracking issue.

“Texas DOT has a test procedure, but since multiple agencies and companies are using the device, D04.20 members felt that it would be a good idea to create an ASTM International standard that will improve the test method by providing a unified sample preparation procedure as well as address other variables within the test,” says Steger.

Steger notes that state highway agencies, paving contractors and companies that develop technology associated with paving materials will be the primary users of the proposed new standard.

All interested parties are invited to join in the development of WK26816, particularly anyone with an overlay test device who would be willing to participate in a round robin study that will be used in creating a precision and bias statement for the proposed standard.


Technical Information: Richard Steger, Road Science LLC, Tulsa, Okla.

Phone: 918-960-3827

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