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March/April 2009

recognizing outstanding committee membersHonors and Awards

Recognizing Outstanding Committee Members

Your committee members — and you — invest a great deal of time and effort in ASTM International standards development work. That’s why ASTM believes in the honors and awards program; it recognizes your fellow members’ hard work. Taking advantage of the program can heighten team spirit, enhance committee cohesiveness, enable professional advancement for members and draw attention to your committee through publicity.

If your committee does not have an awards program or you are considering enlarging your committee’s approach, ASTM staff and its Web site can offer significant resources. You can find information about honors and awards by clicking here and exploring the linked pages.

One particularly notable honor is the Award of Merit, which comes under the broad category of society awards, those created by the ASTM board of directors. The Award of Merit, accompanied by the title of fellow, is the highest society award given to individual members for their distinguished service and outstanding participation in committee activities.

A well-constructed Award of Merit nomination uses guidelines that can be found by clicking here. The Award of Merit guidelines stress distinguished service to ASTM International, including committee work, over a period of time; technical contributions to new standards or their revisions; notable leadership at the subcommittee, committee or society level; contributions in research or testing that lead to new standards development and precision statements; work on symposia or publications; or other outstanding service that has enhanced the standing of a committee or the society as a whole.

To assist you in developing a well-constructed nomination, please use the template found by clicking here. Nominations are due Nov. 1 each year.

ASTM society awards also include recognition for service to a particular committee and to the larger voluntary consensus standards system.

Other technical committee awards can be in one of two groups: honors such as Awards of Excellence eand Appreciation given more informally throughout the year by committees, or awards with society recognition, which are recognized by the ASTM board of directors but are administered and supported by an individual technical committee.

Examples of society-recognized committee awards include such honors as the H.R. “Russ” Ogden Award, named for the first chair of B10 on Reactive and Refractory Metals and Alloys and given for outstanding accomplishment in the science and technology of such metals; the Katharine and Bryant Mather Scholarship, presented to undergrads who are pursuing degrees specializing in cement or concrete; the R.A. Glenn Award, given for outstanding contributions to the development of coal and coke standards; and the Fred F. Weingruber Award, presented in recognition of exceptional leadership and sustained service to Committee F16 on Fasteners.

Staff is ready to answer questions about designing or improving your committee’s awards program. If you would like more information, please contact Barbara Smith (phone: 610-832-9684).