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March/April 2009

Data Management and Protection

Compiling and protecting data is a vital, everyday activity for any organization. Subcommittee E53.02 on Data Management, part of ASTM International Committee E53 on Property Management Systems, is currently at work on the following proposed standards, which are designed to aid in managing and protecting data.

All interested parties are invited to participate in E52.02 activities.

Property, Equipment and Asset Records

Contractors who manage government property, customer property and their own company property will be the primary users of proposed new standard, WK15385, Practice for Data Characteristic of Property, Equipment and Asset Records.

The proposed standard will define uniform record data elements that are required for life cycle management of property, equipment and assets. “This proposed standard would be useful to all entities that need to manage property in their possession,” says Cinda K. Brockman, vice president, director, corporate property, SAIC, and an E53 member. “It provides guidance for establishing basic data fields for equipment records.”

Data Storage Device Loss

A proposed new standard, WK19521, Practice for Assessment of the Impact of Sensitive Data Storage Device Loss, deals with the breaches of personally identifiable information that can occur through the loss of storage devices.

“Each year flash drivers, laptops, PDAs and other data storage devices seem to get larger in terms of capacity while getting smaller in terms of physical size, and easier to acquire,” says Brandon Kriner, solutions director, Sunflower Systems Inc., and E53 member. “The result is that these devices are everywhere and information technology and asset management professionals are still trying to get a handle on how to deal with them.”

According to Kriner, information technology and asset management professionals will be able to use WK19521 to quantify the impact of the loss of specific devices. The proposed standard attempts to strike a balance between imposing reasonable precautions that still allow personnel to use technology to their benefit.


Technical Information: (WK15385) Cinda K. Brockman, SAIC, San Diego, Calif.

Phone: 858-826-7601

(WK19521) Brandon Kriner, Sunflower Systems Inc., Arlington, Va.,

Phone: 703-835-9388

ASTM Staff: Christine Sierk

Phone: 610-832-9728