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March/April 2009

Fast Cure Multicomponent Paints

By necessity, paint used for roadway applications needs to dry quickly. Some multicomponent traffic paints cure in less than 10 minutes, some much faster. Because of this speed of curing, these traffic paints and other types of fast-cure (less than 10 minutes) multicomponent paints cannot be tested for volatile content using procedures outlined in the ASTM International standard typically used for this purpose, D2369, Test Method for Volatile Content of Coatings.

To accommodate fast-cure paints, Subcommittee D01.21 on Chemical Analysis of Paints and Paint Materials is now developing a proposed new standard, WK22148, Test Method for Volatile Content of Fast Cure Multicomponent Paints.

Dave Salman, environmental engineer, U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, and chair of the D01.21.24B task group that is developing WK22148, says that all interested parties are invited to join in the development of the proposed new standard. In addition, Salman says the task group is seeking sample materials for and volunteers to participate in interlaboratory testing.

Subcommittee D01.21 is part of ASTM International Committee D01 on Paint and Related Coatings, Materials and Applications.


Technical Information: Dave Salman, U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, Research Triangle Park, N.C.

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